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Phone: (08) 9586 1515 | 5/23 Rafferty Road, Mandurah PO.Box: 1697 Mandurah WA, Mandurah, WA

Mandurah city tyres services are the right choice for your personal and business vehicles. It is a renowned agency for most efficient Mandurah tyres supply.

Mandurah City Tyres is your local tyre retailer. We are situated in the local Mandurah area and offer our customers a wide variety of tyres. We sell any size tyre from a small golf cart tyre to a large crane tyre. We can you with all your tyre needs.

Here at Mandurah City Tyres we deal with all brands, types and sizes of tyres. We can help you with anything from a large crane tyres down to new tyres for your golf cart and everything in between. We deal with leading tyre brands for passenger cars, SUV's, 4X4, light commercial, truck tyres and crane tyres.

Tyres Mandurah Car Tyres Mandurah
Phone: (08) 9534 7111 Address: 64 Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah, WA | Website: https://www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/mandurah

Car Tyres Mandurah
Phone: (08) 9581 2387 Address: 104 Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah, WA | Website: http://www.tyrepower.com.au

Car Tyres Mandurah
Phone: (08) 9586 1515 Address: 4 16 Rouse Rd, Mandurah, WA | Website: http://www.dunlopsuperdealer.com.au

Car Tyres Mandurah
Phone: (08) 9555 4615 Address: 15 Fitzgerald Rd, Mandurah, WA | Website: http://www.bobjane.com.au

Car Tyres Mandurah
Phone: (08) 9581 8446 Address: 19 Thornborough Road, Mandurah, WA

Car Tyres Mandurah
Phone: (08) 9581 2242 Address: Arnold Street, Mandurah, WA

Car Tyres Mandurah
Phone: (08) 9581 6552 Address: Unit 2/ 81 Gordon Road, Mandurah, WA

Car Tyres Mandurah
Phone: (08) 9535 2087 Address: 143 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah, WA

Car Tyres Mandurah
Phone: (08) 9583 3768 Address: 15 Fitzgerald Road, Mandurah, WA

Car Tyres Mandurah

Common questions about Tyres
How long do Mandurah tyres normally last?

Tyre life will depend on driving style, types of roads driven and type of tyre you have fitted.

How can I increase my cars in Mandurah tyre life?

Having correct inflation is very important to maintain the life of your cars tyres and also maintain your cars handling.

What air pressure should run in your cars tyres Mandurah?

There is a placard on your car that has the minimum recommended tyre pressures for your car.

What are run flat tyres?

Run flat tyres are tyres that when a flat tyre occurs they can still be driven on for a limited number of kilometres at a lower speed till you can get to a tyre shop for replacement.

How do I know when my tyres in Mandurah are worn out?

If you look at your tyres you will see a tread wear indicator which show how much tread is left. These are designed to show when only 1.5mm of the tyres tread is left remaining. Tyres that have aged may also need replacing if they are showing signs of age related wear.

Do all tyres grip the same?

No, tyres vary greatly in the amount of grip they provide with the roads surface. The cheapest set of tyres will generally not perform as well as a more expensive set of brand name tyres. Cheap tyres will take longer to brake your car to a stop in an emergency and offer less grip through corners.

Where do I get wheels Mandurah?

Not only do tyre shops supply tyres, they can also supply wheels in Mandurah.

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