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About Whistling Fish Software

Located in Perth, Western Australia, Whistling Fish Software specialises in software development and programming services for small business.

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With over ten years' experience developing and supporting a diverse range of desktop software applications for clients in the utilities, hospitality, health care, legal and service industries, Whistling Fish has a wealth of experience spanning all facets of the software development process.

* Analysis of your business requirements
* Design of a solution which addresses those needs
* Construction of the application
* Testing of all functionality
* Installation and configuration
* Support and enhancemants, as required

Rather than adapting your business processes to match the limitations of a prepackaged software product, let us develop a solution which focuses on the unique needs of your business. We can provide the features you really need, simplify data entry, enforce validation rules to ensure consistency of your data, automate complex or repetitive tasks and satisfy every item on your software "wish list".

Whether you have no idea where to start, a partly resolved idea about a software application which could benefit your business, or you're ready to make a commitment, why not give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your options?

We would be happy to prepare a high-level list of requirements and a quote at no obligation or cost to you.

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Project Monitor Released!

After a lengthy gestation period, Project Monitor has finally been released for sale. This is Whistling Fish Software's first commercial product - exploring the marketing and promotion options will be our focus over the weeks ahead.

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Project Monitor

Designed for anyone working on a time-for-money basis, Project Monitor is an easy to use time-tracking application which can accurately categorize and record your working day on the basis of client, project and activity.

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