MZ3 Pty Ltd

3/61 Buckingham Drive
Wangara, WA, 6065
(08) 9409 2344
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About MZ3 Pty Ltd

MZ3 designs, manufactures, installs and maintains customised automated machinery for fabricators and manufacturers and to help you maximise valuable floor space in your factory we supply low cost Mezzanine Floors and Mezzanine Floor kits.

More Information

MZ3 supplies low cost customised automated manufacturing equipment and Mezzanine floors that are Designed and Manufactured in Australia.

* Automatic slide compound mitre timber saw
* Automatic timber saw outfeed kick off system
* Labelling and position marking ink jet printing systems
* Automatic Batch and Just In Time universal cut to length systems
* Excel and PLC based coil roll former controllers
* Automated coil roll former out feed kick off systems
* 3D CNC Plasma Pipe Profiler with drilling capability
* 2D CNC Plasma profiler
* Heavy duty transport cradles
* Gang Nail plate presses and auto loaders
* Timber deflection and stress testing systems
* Mezzanine floor systems, DIY KITS, and complete packages

MZ3 Pty Ltd products and services

Automatic timber mitre saw

PC Controlled automatic timber mitre saw
Automatically docks and mitre cuts framing timber from 70x35 to 240x45mm

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