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Huntingdale, WA, 6110
(08) 9398 8193
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About Mary-Anne Stewart Counselling

Mary-Anne Stewart Counselling in Gosnells/Huntingdale offers psychotherapy and counselling to individuals, couples and children. My clients are supported in the resolution of their problems in a respectful, safe environment with caring and wisdom.

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Mary-Anne Stewart Counselling Services are committed to providing professional Counselling & Psychotherapy. The client is heard in an atmosphere of respect, equality, safety and confidentiality, and therapy is uniquely tailored to the client's individual needs. Clients are not labelled or judged and therapy may be either short or long term, again according to the client's individual needs. Psychotherapy may add an extra dimension to therapy, and resolution of the client's problems may occur at the level of behavioural and cognitive change. However, Psychotherapy gives the client the option of resolving problems at a deeper level, e.g. if an individual has a problem with intimacy and closeness, this may have originated in childhood, For example, a child who has a parent who does not not how to be close, may decide he/she doesn't need to be close and experience intimacy. The child then forgets he/she has made this decision. Psychotherapy can help the child rediscover this decision, and replace it with a new healthy decision. This is incredibly powerful! Issues I work with in my practice are:
Marriage/Relationship Counselling
Personal Issues
Childhood Issues
Counselling Children
Anger Issues
Self Esteem Counselling
Assertiveness Skills
Communication Skills
Grief Counselling
Separation and Loss Issues
Bullying Issues
Depression Counselling
Anxiety counselling
In addition I also use EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques)which is a meridian technique, used to tap on points on the body and resolve blocks in the energy field.

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21st February, 2009
22nd February, 2009

9.30 AM - 3.30PM

Mary Kc Killop Centre,
South Perth.


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