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Patricia and Donatus Michalka are a husband and wife team practising in Perth, Western Australia. We provide psychotherapy/counselling, couples counselling, conduct weekly psychodrama groups, and present workshops and seminars on a regular basis.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy Perth Western Australia

Patricia Michalka, a trained Imago therapist and psychotherapist practising in Perth Western Australia, brings to her work a synthesis of learning, wisdom, warmth and compassion, etched from life experience.

Psychotherapy provides you with a place of safety and nurturing in which new solutions can emerge as spontaneity and creativity are restored. Take advantage of Patricia's ability to listen and her wisdom and skills to be with you and guide you as you discover more of you in a non-judgemental, nurturing environment.

In psychotherapy, you always have the choice of the content you deal with, how far you are willing to go with it and at what pace.

Create and/or Rekindle a Passionate Friendship through Couples Counselling..

Patricia is a licensed Imago Therapist. In your couples counselling sessions, she will teach and coach you as a couple in specific tools and techniques to help you transform your relationship. Patricia does not act as an umpire. You will be talking to each other in a safe, structured way and shown how to make space and listen to each other without blaming or shaming. Through couples counselling, you will learn how to create and/or rekindle a warm, relaxed, passionate friendship with each other.

'Time Out' Weekly Group Therapy...

Once a week Patricia runs a group that combines the principles and practices of psychotherapy, NLP, Attitudinal Healing and the latest and most effective techniques and processes available, to create lasting change and gentle healing in your life. Discover the power of being in a group of people who, determined to gain more out of life and learn very practical tools and techniques, help you negotiate virtually any circumstance or environment.

For more information about counselling/psychotherapy, couples counselling and imago therapy with Patricia, please email me or phone Life Focus on (08) 9383 9799 today!

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