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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Where emotional relief brings physical health

Often works where nothing else will

Tony Boscarello

EFT Advanced Practitioner

Contact me on :

08 93040753 or 0417767752

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We have all experienced some painful events and/or traumas during our lives . We have adopted beliefs and patterns, often learned from our parents, teachers, society and peers, that do not serve us. These events, limiting beliefs and patterns are what make us feel stuck in our lives and give rise to negative emotion.

EFT dissolves negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Then, as you take charge of your life, you will experience a state of being permeated by calm, confidence and a healthy self-esteem. Your actions and reactions to people and events that cross your life will be controlled by you rather than unbridled emotions.

Suppression is building bombs.
When you bury an emotion, you bury it alive!

Imagine your life free from Stress, Anxiety and fears.
Imagine yourself Confident and Self assured.
Imagine perfect Harmony in Your Relationship.

Resolve to be the Master, not the victim, of your history.

Call now to discuss how EFT can change your life. 08 93040753
Visit: www.efthalthquest.com.au

EFT- Often works where nothing else will.

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Fear of Public Speaking, Social Anxiety, Perth

The mind is a wonderful thing, it starts working the minute you are born, and it never stops until you get up to speak.
Imagine what it would be like to speak without nervousness, anxiety or discomfort, but rather with a feeling of inner calm, confidence

Emotional Freedom From Stress

Stress and negative emotions arenít just in our heads, they are stored in our bodies, often in skeletal or smooth muscles. Itís hard for blood to flow through chronically tensed muscles.Ē

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