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Phone: (03) 5975 9255 Address: 70 Watt Rd, Mornington, VIC | Website: http://www.affordableautosalvage.com/index.html

Wreckers Mornington
Phone: 1800 064 934 Address: , Mornington, VIC | Website: http://www.peninsulabm.com

Wreckers Mornington
Phone: (03) 9856 9206 Address: , Mornington, VIC | Website: http://www.niss4x4.com.au

Wreckers Mornington
Phone: (03) 5996 1333 Address: , Mornington, VIC | Website: https://www.garymacs.com.au

Wreckers Mornington
Phone: 1800 064 934 Address: 147 Tyabb Rd, Mornington, VIC | Website: http://www.peninsulabm.com

Wreckers Mornington
Phone: (03) 5973 6018 Address: 70 Watt Road, Mornington, VIC

Wreckers Mornington
Phone: (03) 5977 0456 Address: 26 Progress St, Mornington, VIC

Wreckers Mornington
Phone: (03) 5977 0188 Address: 26 Progress Street, Mornington, VIC

Wreckers Mornington

Common questions about Wreckers
What do wreckers in Mornington provide?

A wrecker in Mornington provides used parts for cars and trucks. Some wreckers will get the parts you want off one of their vehicles in stock while others will let you hunt for the parts you are after yourself. Second hand parts are usually a cheaper alternative to buying original factory parts.

Do wreckers in Mornington buy cars?

Most auto wreckers in Mornington will purchase cars. Generally they will only offer salvage value for a vehicle so if the car is running you would be better to try and sell privately first.

I have a car that won't run, will a Mornington wrecker accept it?

Most wreckers in Mornington are able to pick up a car with their tow truck. This can be a good way to offload a vehicle that is just taking up space at your house.

Are Mornington auto parts recyclers and wreckers the same?

Yes, auto parts recyclers in Mornington generally offer the same services as wreckers do, they can also be known as auto dismantlers.

Will auto wreckers Mornington let you pick a part?

This varies depending on the wrecking yard, some will provide a list of vehicles from which they can obtain parts and some will even have spare parts already removed from the vehicles ready to go. Some Mornington auto wreckers will allow you to use tools to get the car part you are looking for off a wrecked car in their junk yard.

Can I sell my vehicle to car wreckers Mornington?

Yes, you can sell your vehicle to car wreckers Mornington when you no longer have a need for it. If the car is not functioning then you can sell it to a wrecker.

Do Mornington wreckers supply new car parts?

Often Mornington wreckers will have a range of both new and used parts available for your vehicle.

What documents are needed to sell your car to Mornington car wreckers?

You will need to bring proof of ownership with you to sell your car to Mornington car wreckers - this might be your rego papers. You should also bring photo ID for the sale.

How can you save money by using Mornington 4x4 wreckers?

One key benefit Mornington 4x4 wreckers offer is that you can scour for parts to fit your own 4WD at a discount to the cost of new parts.

Can you get tyres from 4x4 wreckers Mornington?

Yes, there will often be a range of tyres available at 4x4 wreckers Mornington - you can often also buy tyres fitted rims.

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