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Solar hot water plumbing state and federal rebates are available now,they will not be available for ever due to the increasing demand from customers wanting to upgrade their existing HWS to a solar HWS, electric storage units will be phased out after 2012 this means that if you have an electric solar HWS you will have to replace that unit with a solar HWS if it fails after 2012,so now is the time to start looking at replacing your HWS while the rebates are still available,you will be saving up to 60-70% on your hot water bill and you will be saving the enviroment at the same time by reducing your carbon out put,each electric HWS produces about 5 tonne of greenhouse gas per year compared to an electric solar HWS which only produces about 1.0 tonne per year, a gas HWS produce sabout 1.3 tonne per year compared to a gas solar HWS which produces about .25 tonne per year,so the savings to the enviroment are huge,ring Steve Moriarty on 0409 883 891 or 52533429 for a free no obligation quote

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No Doubt Plumbing are members of the Master Plumbers Association and are accredited licensed plumbers and gas fitters by the Plumbing Industry Board. We service most areas of Melbourne and can cater for your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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New homes, renovations, extensions. Gas, Gas servicing. Generall maintenance. Wood heater installation and maintenance. All plumbing at an affordable price, quality service delivered without the headaches.

Plumber Drysdale Hot Water Drysdale Plumbers Drysdale Emergency Plumber Drysdale Blocked Toilet Drysdale
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Plumber Clifton Springs Plumbers Clifton Springs Plumbing Services Clifton Springs Emergency Plumbers Clifton Springs Emergency Plumbing Clifton Springs
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Plumber Drysdale Plumbers Drysdale Plumbing Services Drysdale Emergency Plumbers Drysdale Emergency Plumbing Drysdale
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Common questions about Plumbing Contractors
What is a plumber?

A plumber is a tradie who specialises in water and sewage piping. A Clifton Springs plumber can fix leaking pipes or install a new hot water cylinder.

Do Clifton Springs plumbers use plastic piping?

Yes, plastic plumbing piping is becoming increasingly common in you location domestic plumbing jobs. The pipes are cheaper than using metal and are quicker to join and use as they do not require brazing together.

Why do Clifton Springs plumbers use less copper piping now?

The price of copper has risen dramatically in recent times and thus has led to a decrease in its usage in Clifton Springs plumbing jobs.

Are Clifton Springs plumbers licensed?

Yes, if you employ a plumber in Clifton Springs you will want to check that they are licensed to operate in your state. Each state keeps its own licensing and registration scheme. If you ask a plumber for their licence number they will be able to provide it for you to check.

Can a Clifton Springs plumber install a hot water system?

Yes, a Clifton Springs plumber can install a hot water system for your house. If it is a new electric hot water system you may also need to get an electrician invloved to connect the new system to your power board.

How do I find an Clifton Springs plumbing contractor?

Either browse our listings to find plumbing contractors in Clifton Springs or ask a friend or family member to recommend a plumber they have had a good experience with.

How do I fix water leak repair Clifton Springs?

If you have leaking pipes and need to fix water leak repair Clifton Springs then you are best to call in a plumber to get the pipes repaired. Pipes left leaking can cause damage over time so it best to repair them as soon as possible.

Why is a emergency plumber Clifton Springs needed?

Often plumbing emergency's occur when a pipe bursts and water starts to flood the house causing damage to carpet and fixtures in the house. It is times like these when you need a Clifton Springs emergency plumber to come in and fix the situation. If you have a burst pipe you should immediately turn off the water to the house to minimise the damage and then call a plumber.

Who should I contact for blocked drain repairs Clifton Springs?

If you have encountered drainage problems then it may be a symptom that you need blocked drain repairs Clifton Springs because there is something blocking the pipes at your house, this can occur from things blocking up the pipes such as fat deposits or even tree roots that have grown into the pipes. A plumber can usually fix blocked drains by sending a drain snake type tool to remove the blockage.

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