Novelty riders send everyone around the bend

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

And that’s exactly what happened at Raglan just outside of Beaufort on the weekend.

Over 40 competitors raced at the Novelty Racing Show hosted by the Western District Arabian Riders & Breeders Club in six different age groups ranging from10 yrs and under led to the 19 yrs and over.

The third event in a four event series, Wurth Ridin’ Wurth Wearin’ supported the Bending Race in each of the six age groups with riders as young as 2 ˝ yrs old riding competing.

Wurth Ridin’ Wurth Wearin’ specializes in Seriously Tuff slogan T Shirts for Seriously Tuff Kids who live to ride Seriously Tuff horses. You defiantly won’t see any pretty pink ponies in this range of T’s from this Seriously Tuff Company.

Developed two years ago in 2006, Wurth Ridin’ Wurth Wearin’ was born out of frustration for the lack of horse riding T Shirts available for boys. With new designs being added to the range all the time, there is sure to be a Seriously Tuff T available for every Seriously Tuff kid that’s horsey minded out there.

The fourth and final Novelty Racing Show in this series will be hosted by the Ballarat Pony Club on Saturday 30th of August at the Ballarat Pony Club grounds in Victoria Park. Start time is 9.00am and enquires can be made to Helen on 5349 8235

Wurth Ridin’ Wurth Wearin’ T shirts are available from the web site or at horse events which they attend. Come and see who will win the Wurth Ridin’ Wurth Wearin’ aggregate Bending Race Championship.

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