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Warrnambool, VIC, 3280
1300 881 972
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Work Health Wisdom provides health services of Complementary therapies, Meditation and Life Skills Education which results in increased health and wellbeing of employees and significant savings for businesses.

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Do you want a highly effective Health and Wellbeing Program in the workplace that saves you money. Would you like to reduce absenteeism, Work Care claims, labour turnover and have an enthusiastic, more productive team of employees working in greater harmony?

At Work Health Wisdom, we recognise the profound mind, body, spirit connection of all people and how this impacts. Our services include a range of Complementary therapies, Meditation and an Education program which encompasses Life Skills. You can choose from these individual service components or the complete package for more holistic results. They provide people with tools and processes to address every day stress and anxiety and the more complex health issues that are growing exponentially costing your business money

According to the U.K. Department of Health’s publication Health, Work and Well-being – Caring for our future’ “every £1 spent on promoting health in the workplace could lead to a £2.50 saving for businesses” and “a saving of 34 per cent in absenteeism costs”.

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