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NLP – Life Coaching is a relatively new field of consulting which focuses on helping people define what their goals and true values are, then making sure that the two are aligned. Whether it be business leadership goals that you are trying to achieve, or whole life coaching, NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a valuable collection of tools to help you achieve your goals.

NLP Life Coaching and NLP counselling works on the premises that nearly everyone has his or her own natural talents of resourcefulness to complete most tasks, albeit potentially undiscovered as yet. NLP Life Coaching is used to help the client discover and develop these talents helping them to find their true self potential and what they are capable of (sometimes for the first time).

NLP Life Coaching is conducted without any opinion or judgement on the part of the coach (unless specifically asked for) and in the main part can be content free. This generally works well because people don’t as a rule, like to be told what to do! With the use of various tools the client is facilitated in coming up with their own answers to their problems. This is usually the best way as people are much more likely to act on a decision or plan which they have come to themselves.

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