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15 Male Street
Brighton, VIC, 3186
(03) 9592 8158
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About Let's go Dance

Let's Go Dance specializes in social dancing and have highly trained teachers for all levels, ages and occasions. We cater for adult social dancers ranging from beginners to the most advanced, in Ballroom, Latin American, Salsa, Bridal and social events.

Opening hours

Monday10:00am - 10:00pm
Tuesday10:00am - 10:00pm
Wednesday10:00am - 10:00pm
Thursday10:00am - 10:00pm
Friday10:00am - 10:00pm
Saturday12:00pm - 4:30pm

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Welcome to Let's Go Dance
...where you can step outside yourself
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"Dancing is our passion, and it is our great pleasure to share our experience and knowledge with you!"

About Let’s Go Dance
Whether you are dancing for pleasure, to improve your fitness and flexibility, to expand your social circle or to gain greater personal confidence, you will be impressed and delighted with the quality and care of our teachers, our studio and our interesting social programs.

Let's Go Dance specializes in social dancing and we have highly trained teachers for all levels, ages and occasions. We cater for adult social dancers ranging from beginners to the most advanced, in Ballroom, Latin American, Salsa, Bridal and relaxed social dance events.

Private Lessons
Every person is different in how they interpret dance steps, techniques and how they lead and follow the steps while dancing them with a partner. Private lessons are designed to teach you how to become a comfortable and confident social dancer. They allow the teacher to work directly with an individual or couple at their own level and pace. Private Lessons involve personal instruction which will focus on your needs and interests as well as covering techniques such as leading, following and individual styling.

Group Classes
Our group classes usually come hand in hand with private lessons, as the private lessons are designed as a teaching aid and the group classes are there for repetition and consolidation of the basic step patterns. Group classes cover all abilities and they are a fun way to practice step patterns with other students of your level. The repetition and focus on each step will help you remember your steps and make it easier for you to dance with a variety of people.

Social Events
Going out is always fun no matter where you go. Here at Let’s go Dance we pride ourselves in giving our students the best possible time as often as we can. With beginner socials every second Wednesday and regular social dance nights every second Friday, as well as student outings to shows, dance nights and other events around Melbourne, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself every time.

Throughout the year we also hold 5 formal dinner dances at reception venues and have fancy dress parties at the studio - so there are plenty of opportunities to practice your dancing and have lots of fun!

Wedding Dance
Our instructors can help make your wedding day an even more amazing experience. We can help with choosing that perfect song, as well as creating your own personalised, choreographed routine to ensure that your first dance as husband and wife will be a memory you will treasure forever.

Latin American:

Cha Cha
Swing / Jive


Viennese Waltz
Salsa and others...

Nights on the town Dinner Dances Floor Shows
Benefits Of Dance:

• More fun and excitement socially
• Boost Confidence
• Social Ease and Assurance
• Developing a new social circle
• For one’s Partner
• For good health and added physical benefits
• Fitness and/or Exercise (gentle but effective exercise that helps tone the body)
• Hobby or New Interest
• Quality time with one’s partner
• Acquiring poise and grace on the dance floor
• Self Improvement/Self Image
• Self Expression
• To look fantastic on the dance floor
• Stand out above the rest on the dance floor
• Overcoming shyness
• Confidently accept any offer to dance
• Avoid embarrassment
• Stress relief and/or relaxation
• Dancing is for everyone regardless of age, ability or experience

Our students range from professionals and business owners to office workers, mothers and university students, singles and couples, young and more mature.

Dancing quite simply is for everyone and should be experienced, enjoyed and will enhance your life in many ways.


"The first time I walked through the doors of Let's Go Dance, I knew this was for me. I couldn't believe how friendly everyone was. The groups really helped teach me how to dance, and the teacher helped build my confidence and learn how to enjoy the dance. By the third lesson I was completely hooked! Learning my first Foxtrot steps was a revelation. The private lessons have also been invaluable!"
John Giuliani

"Thank you for your incredible patience and skill in teaching us our wedding salsa. John's family was amazed that I got him on the dance floor, let alone learning a salsa routine, that is a credit to your teaching and encouragement. We really enjoyed the friendly and supportive atmosphere of Let's Go Dance. Thanks again."
Natalie and John

"Being one of the Showcase performers really moved me out of my comfort zone, and doing the lifts was amazing! The input from every member of staff helped everyone get the best performance possible out of themselves. It was exhilarating and totally amazing to be a part of it all, and being encouraged to go beyond what we thought we could achieve!"
Hilary F, Brighton

“Serge & I just wanted to tell how much we enjoyed Friday’s Fancy dress!! Apart from the usual fun of dressing up, we thought the decorations were great, the games were well organized and created some great ‘fun’ competitiveness between the students. Your team of teachers also worked really hard to make it one of the best events we’ve been to at the studio. Thank you both and your fantastic team for making it such a memorable night!”
Helen & Serge

Ten years ago I went along for three complimentary dance lessons, and enjoyed it so much I am still going today! I love music and have always enjoyed dancing around to my favourite tunes, but I had never been able to master the swing! Now, not only have learnt the swing, but I can also do a pretty mean Samba, Rumba and Viennese Waltz! I thoroughly recommend ‘Let’s Go Dance’ to you as I have had such happy times here with everyone. Their professionalism, and enthusiasm for dancing is catching, and everyone is always welcome, whatever age they are. I am turning 80 this year, and have no intention of stopping yet!
Claire R.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 10am - 10pm
Saturday: 12noon - 4.30pm Teaching Hours:
Monday - Thursday 2.15pm - 10pm
Friday 5.30pm – 10pm
Saturday: 12noon - 4.30pm

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Social Dancing, Fun & Games at one of our dinner dances

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