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Eltham Natural Healing Centre

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Monday9:00am - 9:00pm
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Saturday9:00am - 6:00pm

More Information

Our Centre offers a large range of natural healing modalities, remedies and beautiful facilities with the consultancy services of the highest standards ensuring the best natural care for our clients.

As one of our valued clients you may choose from various healings and therapies that would be most suited and comforting to you, addressing any of your spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical needs.

We have various practitioners working together as consultants, on either a full-time or part-time basis, offering a very wide range of services so almost any health problem can be significantly improved naturally and efficiently without the use of prescription drugs.

Our practitioners often start with a comprehensive diagnosis of the client’s health. From this they work out an individualised treatment program with the client. This may include various massage techniques, herbal and nutritional supplements, allergy elimination, changes in diet, work on muscles or spine, cleansing and detoxification, or various other natural healing treatments including some truly amazing holistic energy healings.

All our practitioners are very passionate about helping our clients to achieve a significantly improved balanced life and find real happiness, contentment and peace. We understand how spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing are all co-dependent and therefore we have developed a wide range of skills and specialized treatment plans that will address any or all of your wellness issues.

Our approach is holistic with the emphasis on helping clients to achieve and maintain long term wellbeing.

We offer the following healing modalities and services:

Reconnective Healing ®: A natural healing session first practised by Dr Eric Pearl which goes beyond many other energy healing and techniques. The spectrum is comprised of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information, and has brought about unparalleled worldwide reports of healings from serious afflictions. Healings are prioritised and are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reconnective Healing is non-invasive and a "hands off" method described by most clients as " peaceful and being in a state of bliss". Generally 2-3 sessions are recommended, however healings may occur even in your first session. $100 / hr

The Reconnection ®: The Reconnection connects your body's meridian lines with that of the Earth and the grid lines of the Universe. This can be a life altering experience allowing you to reach your full purpose and potential in your life. It is recommended that at least one Reconnective Healing session is required prior to booking your personal Reconnection. The Reconnection requires two consecutive sessions of approximately 60 minutes. $333 / 2hrs

Bach Flower/West Australian Wildflower Remedies: The Flower Remedies can help you manage the emotional demands of everyday life. Each remedy aids a specific emotion, stress, pain or energy. They can be taken individually or mixed together. They can be used topically or orally. $80 / hr

Acupressure: Acupressure is one of the oldest and most widespread healing methods in the world. By using deep finger pressure at certain points, practitioners can reduce tension, increase circulation and offer relief for many complaints. It is a part of Chinese Traditional Medicine and often described as "Acupuncture without the needles". $80 / hr

Japanese Acupuncture(Dry Needling): Needles are tools to move Ki (energy), not devices to pierce and stimulate points unnecessarily. The basis of this beautiful medicine is to regulate Ki flow along the Meridians which makes Japanese Needle Therapy an extremely gentle form of complementary medicine. In fact, patients often don’t know a point is being treated! $90 / hr

Ayurvedic Medicine: In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda means “science of life”. It is a complete approach to living whose ancient wisdom has withstood the test of time as its principles are as old as Life itself. Recognized by The World Health Organisation as “the world’s most ancient, scientific, holistic, complete, natural system of healthcare”, Ayurveda originates in India more than 40,000 years ago, in an oral tradition and was codified in written form some 5,000 years ago. “Ayurveda clearly upholds the intimate connection between human life and cosmic life” (Dr Sunil Joshi) $80 / hr

Electro-Crystal Therapy (EleCT): is a gentle and non-invasive method of diagnostic assessment and re-balancing of the energy field to promote well-being. Crystals are stimulated by pulsed, high frequency electromagnetic waves. Many clients have reported that correcting their energy field imbalances has had a beneficial effect on their underlying medical conditions. $75 / hr

Reflexology: A technique for stimulating the body's own natural healing response by applying pressure with the thumbs and fingers to reflex points in the feet and hands. The ancient healing art of reflexology has been known to man for many thousands of years. It was first practised by the early Indian, Chinese and Egyptian peoples. Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works on the feet or hands, enabling the body to heal itself. Following illness, stress, injury or disease, it is in a state of "imbalance", and vital energy pathways are blocked, preventing the body from functioning effectively. Reflexology can be used to restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium and encourage healing. $80 / 75 mins

Homeopathy: Is the fascinating science of curing illness and disease with very small amounts of herbs, minerals and elements that naturally stimulates the body's own healing powers. Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine developed by German physician and chemist, Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), based on the principle of “let likes cure likes”. This law or principle is based on a long held belief that substances that produce symptoms in a healthy individual can be used to treat similar symptoms in a sick person. Thus homeopathic treatment is believed to stimulate the body’s ability to fight infection and susceptibility to disease. Homeopathy is now used worldwide, with a 200 year history of clinical experience. It is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a valid form of healthcare. $80 / hr

Massage: Tissue and muscle massage designed to realign the skeletal structure, and relax the muscles, also used for sports injuries. We offer Swedish/relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, sports remedial massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, hot stone massage, Indian Head massage, pregnancy massage and trigger point therapy. Claim some massage treatments on your private health insurance.. $80 / hr

Snehana (Ayurvedic Massage): Snehana is the name given to a specific form of Ayurvedic massage where the body is oleated with specially prepared herbalized oils. You will find this treatment profoundly calming, nurturing and balancing. Snehana releases stress and toxins at all levels – physical, emotional and mental. Taken from the word “Sneha” in Sanskrit, the term encompasses many meanings including “to nurture, love and heal, and kindness and compassion” all qualities that you will experience during your treatments. $110 / 80 mins

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Healing: An exquisite form of healing that nurtures your entire being. It imparts profound relaxation and opens you up to feelings of love, joy and peace. The practitioner uses her hands and forearms in long forward strokes, moving around the table in a graceful dance, giving the massage a sense of continuous flow and harmony. It is a special and sacred experience, and leaves you thoroughly energised, with a deep sense of fulfillment, vitality and inspiration. $80 / 60 mins, $120 / 90 mins, $140 / 60 mins with 2 masseurs.

Bowen Therapy: A treatment that comprises sequences of small gentle moves, each at a specific site on the body. There is no forceful manipulation, just a light maneuvering of the muscle, tendons or ligaments. The Bowen Technique is a cross fibre muscle release technique that balances and stimulates energy flows, resulting in a deep sense of overall relaxation. There are regular pauses between the series of gentle moves to give the body the required time to allow the body to reset and heal itself. Bowen Technique strives to find the origin of a problem and is therefore very effective for muscular-skeletal problems, including ankle, knee, lower back and neck pain. $80 / hr

Shiatsu: Is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing therapy that has been formulated over the last 100 years from the traditional Japanese amma massage which is a feel good, therapeutic massage. Shiatsu literally means finger pressure and as such describes part of the therapy whereby natural body weight (finger, thumbs, elbows, forearms, feet and knees) is used in applying pressure to special points on the body. Claim your Shiatsu treatment on your private health insurance. $90 / hr

Cupping: Cupping is the treatment of disease by suction of the skin surface. A vacuum is created in glass cups which are then attached to the body surface. The vacuum causes a drawing up of the underlying tissues into the cups, pulling inner congestion of fluids like mucus or blood, moving stagnant energy, and can also reduce swelling. This practice, when completed correctly, is actually capable of relieving a great deal of discomfort in your body and can activate the lymphatic system, promote blood circulation, expel toxins, and promote deep healing. $90 / hr

Cranial Sacral Therapy: Cranial Sacral Therapy is a technique based on Cranial Osteopathy. Cranial Sacral Therapy seeks to restore the natural rhythmic movement found between the bones of the skull. It does the same for the movements of the sacrum. The purpose of this is to aid the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid throughout the central nervous system. By gently working with the spine, the skull and its cranial sutures, diaphragms, and fascia, the restrictions of nerve passages are said to be eased, the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord can be optimized, and misaligned bones are said to be restored to their proper position. Cranio Sacral therapists use the therapy to treat mental stress, neck and back pain, migraines, TMJ Syndrome, and for chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. $80 / hr

Kinesiology: Primarily to identify imbalances in the body's structural, chemical, emotional, spiritual or other energy, to establish the body's priority healing needs. Kinesiology recognises that there are flows of energy within the body that relate not only to the muscles but to every tissue and organ that go to make the body a living, feeling being. In this way, Kinesiology taps into energies that the more conventional modalities overlook. Kinesiology looks beyond the symptoms. Kinesiology does not treat named diseases. Nor does it diagnose them. Kinesiology is concerned with imbalances in the body's energy. In this respect, Kinesiology has close links with the acupuncture concept of energy flow. Kinesiology is not limited to dealing with ailments. Energy balancing brings a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice ~ in sport, relationships, learning or coping with life in general, and is life-changing. $100 / hr

Hypnotherapy/Theta Healing: Theta is the scientific name for brain waves present during sleep and deep meditation. In Theta healing this state is used to identify and repattern unconscious programs instantly. The unconscious programs determine your degree of happiness and success in every area of your life. By reprogramming, you can identify deeply held blocks to health, wealth, relationships, creativity happiness, and spiritual development; in fact this helps you to resolve issues and re-create your life. Hypnotherapy is a method of inducing a trance or a dream-like state in order to treat problems of mainly psychological or emotional origin. It is recognised by the scientific community as an effective healing tool. We have devised specific programs for stopping smoking, insomnia, fears, phobias and weight loss.

Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes!: Using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, reframing and support materials this program makes it easy to give up the unconcious habit of smoking. We help find and create new habits so you don't gain any weight from eating more when you quit cigarettes. We help remove the withdrawal symptoms from the addictive aspects of cigarettes. We back up our sessions with a guarantee, If you start smoking again we will do a follow up session at no charge to help you become a non-smoker again! You have become a happy, permanent, non-smoker for life!

Neuro Linguistic Programming: We all have limiting beleifs, decisions, strategies, and/or negative emotions which hold us back. NLP gives you practical, easy to use knowledge and strategies that enables you to get in control of your mind and increase the effectiveness of your communication, with others and yourself, in all areas of your life, including, work, sport and personal relationships. You can become, do and be whatever you choose. These processes are simple and quick and will transform your life. $120 / hr

Nutritional Medicine: Involves using a correct diet and the right nutrition to prevent and treat illness. The body is capable of healing itself and remaining healthy if it is given the right food, vitamins and minerals. $80 / hr

Ear Candling: Ear candling is a natural ear cleaning technique that began centuries ago. It was used by the Hopi Indians, Ancient Greeks and Egyptians.This simple, painfree method removes ear wax and residuals of past infections. In most cases it will assist in eliminating the discomfort of sinusitis, ringing in the ears, poor hearing and vertigo. $70 / hr

RBTI (Urine and Saliva)Analysis: Through analysis of urine and saliva we can measure the body's ability to stay healthy and its present level of functioning. Clients undergoing this testing can see their body's state of health. Clients receive a printed analysis of their test outcomes and recommended suggestions to improve their health. Assessment of liver, kidneys, pancreas and brain functioning is made as well as digestion, vitamin/mineral absorption and toxin elimination efficiency.The testing shows how much energy you have available and how this can be improved. $120 / hr includes reusable containers, analysis, consult and analysis report to keep.

Women's Health: Health challenges can arise in women's experiences with symptoms such as PMS, menopause, hot flushes, depression, foggy thinking, anxiety, acne, migraines, infertility, insomnia, endometriosis, breast tenderness and much more. We all know that hormone imbalances can interfere with a woman's quality of life. Whether we call it oestrogen dominance or progesterone deficiency, if a woman's hormones are not balanced, it will manifest in her life several different ways.There is a natural and drug free way to empower her to take control of her well-being, by supporting and providing relief to be the best she can be. $80 / hr

Sound Healing: This healing is a time to simply let go, deeply relax and receive the healing vibrations and journey within. Sound has the power to repattern and balance the vibration of your body, mind, and soul. Specific sounds can energetically break up, shift, and heal energy blockages and balance the energy body on all levels. $70 / hr

Reiki: Reiki is a natural healing method using the Universal Life Energy (chi) for balance, health and harmony. Non-intrusive and gentle, it has also been called therapeutic touch or the laying-on-of-hands. $80 / hr

Meditation: A practice technique with the aim of reaching a higher state of consciousness, greater focus, creativity or self-awareness, or simply a more relaxed and peaceful frame of mind. Weekly group meditation classes are held on Tuesday 10am - 11am & Wednesday nights at 7.30pm - 9.00pm at the Centre. $15 / session

Spiritual Healing / Clairvoyance: We have extremely talented and gifted spiritual healers/clairvoyants/mediums and tarot readers working from the Centre who are able to offer spiritual guidance in times of uncertainty or stress, in the areas of business, finance, relationships and career as well as aura cleansing and energy clearings. $100 / hr

Yoga Therapy: Empowers and supports individuals to manage their health using the principles of yoga and applying a range of yoga practices developed within a professional therapeutic relationship. A holistic approach is adopted whereby the practitioner supports individuals in an exploration of physical, psychological and spiritual development rather than focusing on any one aspect or condition.Specific tools, advice or practices that may be applied include asana (movement), breathwork (pranayama), meditations/visualisations, relaxation, use of sound (mantras, chanting) and gestures (mudras), dietary and lifestyle counselling (from a yogic perspective) and self development guidance. $95 / 90 mins

Holistic Mind-Body Counselling: Stress, conflicting desires and goals, unresolved personal issues, fears, pain, and numerous limiting beliefs all contribute to one's experience of health or dis-ease. Holistic Counselling closely examines the mind-body connection in relation to health and healing, using diagnostic tools and natural therapeutic methods to determine the root causes of illness. Mind-Body Medicine explores the role that the mind, emotions & spirit play in contributing to health and illness. Using a non invasive technique, combining Flower Essences and Acu Therapy (pressure points on the ear), healing and support for these issues is enabled. $100 / hr

Assorted Workshops and Discussion Groups: Various instructional or educational workshops, guest speakers and discussion groups are held on an ad hoc basis throughout the year, either in the evenings or at weekends.

Hours of Operation By Appointment ONLY:

Monday 9am-9pm

Tuesday 9am-9pm

Wednesday 9am-9pm

Thursday 9am-9pm

Friday 9am-9pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Consultation by appointment ONLY.

Meditation is currently held every Tuesday 10am - 11am and Wednesday evenings between 7.30pm - 9.00pm for groups of 8-12 people. Please ring the Centre to reserve yourself a space, as numbers are strictly limited. Other classes are available if numbers permit. Please ring the Centre to register interest. $15 / class for 5 week term or $20 casual rate

Weekend workshops are held regularly.
Please ring Centre to reserve a space, as numbers are strictly limited.

Clients may purchase natural healing remedies and products, CD’s, and DVD’s at the Centre.

Clients may purchase gift vouchers for a particular $ value for Christmas and birthday presents, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc..

An extremely high standard in practitioners and services ensures a continued and increasing flow of current and new clients into the Centre.

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