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About Dreams2Reality Art

Inspired by the fantasy world of children and those everlasting childhood memories of dreams coming true, we have developed a portable children's fantasy portraiture business to portray your child as they truly see themselves in their hearts!

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Using digital imaging and Chroma-key / green screen technology, combined with all original 'Dreams2Reality Art' backgrounds, we are able to superimpose your child's photograph realistically into their chosen fantasy world!

With a mobile studio containing green screen, lighting, props, costumes and computer system we are now able to bring 'Dreams2Reality Art' on location to a wide range of venues including schools, playcentres and even your home! This process allows us to take 'Dreams2Reality Art'
to the children whilst they are in a
comfortable and familiar environment!

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Cinderella Background

Has your daughter ever dreamed of being a princess in a fairytale land? Or your does your son fancy himself as Prince Charming? Well with this background we can make their dream come true!

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