Chantelle Bazerghi

432 Rathdowne St
Carlton North, VIC, 3054
0413 041 312
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About Chantelle Bazerghi

As a registered practising Naturopath, Chantelle uses Herbal Medicine, Nutritional & Dietary Advice, Iridology, Flower Essences, Cupping, Reflexology and Relaxation Massage, providing individual therapeutic treatment for your optimum health and wellbeing

More Information

naturopathy is a natural health practise that utilises both traditional and science based medicine to restore vitality and promote healing.

During your first consultation we will discuss your heath concerns, medical history and current environmental factors that can influence your wellbeing, such as exercise, diet, stress. From here we will decide on treatment options that best suit your health needs and lifestyle. These may include herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, which can be used in conjunction with other alternative and conventional health practises.

Follow up visits are aimed at assessing your progress and adapting treatment strategies to best suit changes to your condition and overall health, as well as providing further education for you to maintain optimal health long term. No fixed number or duration of visits as are required.

Naturopathy can be used to benefit a large spectrum of health concerns and conditions. Areas that I specialise in include:

Improving digestion

Reducing allergies and sensitivity

Supporting natural detoxification

Correcting hormonal imbalances

Supporting pregnancy and lactation

Reducing stress and anxiety

Increasing immunity to prevent and treat persistent colds and flu

Improving energy levels, sleep quality, focus and concentration

Iridology acts as a tool for determining appropriate therapies based on constitutional signs in the iris (eye) that indicate personal and genetic predispositions and strengths.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese medicine technique used to draw out toxins and heat using gentle suction on the skin. This therapy can be useful for reducing muscle tension, chest congestion and improving detoxification.

Ear Candling is a safe and gentle method to assist in the removal of unproductive wax production that may cause itching, difficulty hearing, tinnitus, sinus congestion and earache.

Flower Essences are dilute extracts of flowers and plants that are used to alleviate negative emotional states that may contribute to illness or hinder personal growth.

Reflexology is the method of applying pressure to reflex points located on the feet to restore balance to corresponding organs in the body. It also provides complete relaxation and pampering!

Massage techniques used range from relaxing, gentle pressure to deep muscle tension release. The benefits of massage can be felt immediately, improving muscle tone, posture, circulation, immune function and general wellbeing.

Therapeutic treatments are unique to each individual to provide safe and effective results. Consultations are confidential and can be used to complement other alternative and conventional therapies.

All herbal medicines and nutritional supplements used are sourced from the most reputable practitioner suppliers in Australia.

Concession rates available to healthcare card holders.
Rebates available from all health funds depending on level of cover.


Advanced Diploma Health Science Naturopathy
Reflexology certification
Swedish Massage certification
Reiki 1 certification
NHAA accredited
Level 2 First Aid certification

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