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Carpet Cleaners Geelong is a family owned business located in beautiful Ocean Grove, servicing Geelong, The Surf Coast, Lara, country area's and the Bellarine Peninsula. With over 27 years experience in the industry, Carpet Cleaners Geelong and it's staff

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Monday7:00am - 7:00pm
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Wednesday7:00am - 7:00pm
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Saturday8:30am - 2:00pm

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Carpet Cleaners Geelong is a family owned business located in beautiful Ocean Grove, servicing Geelong, The Surf Coast, Lara, country area’s and the Bellarine Peninsula. With over 27 years experience in the industry, Carpet Cleaners Geelong and it’s staff have and will continue to exceed customer’s expectations with our prompt, friendly service (and the clean carpets we leave behind!).

We provide the following services:

# Carpet steamcleaning (private and commercial)
# Upholstery cleaning (ie; lounge suites, car interiors)
# Rug pick up, clean and delivery
# Air duct cleaning (domestic only)
# Flood restoration

(Basically if it has carpet, we can clean it –for example boat and caravan interiors.)


Why would you not choose Carpet Cleaners Geelong when offer professional steamcleaning using Geelong’s Best Petrol (no electricity required) Driven Equipment for the driest and cleanest result? Because we use modern 24hp truck mounted equipment, your carpets will be dry enough to walk on immediately.

We also offer a convenient rug pick up, clean and delivery back to you. Air duct (and heating unit) cleaning is also available, enabling you and your family to breathe cleaner air and reducing fir risk also (the CFA recommends the cleaning of air ducts and the heating unit every three to five years for this very reason).

And for those emergencies we also specialise in flood restoration, which involves professional drying, and the restoration of your carpet.

Concession is available for health car cardholders, cleaning of empty houses and pensioners.

Call for an obligation free quote, some friendly advice, or simply to enquire about our chemical free option.

And like all good carpet cleaners, you don’t need to vacuum before we clean your carpets.


Steam cleaning extracts 90% of dirt particles from carpet where dry cleaning only removes 30%, which also means many stains will return.

Dry Cleaning uses no suctin and scrubs the dirt and stain through to the back of your carpet along with the chemicals they have sprayed. This fact is also why dry cleaning dors not meet two of Australia’s health standards.

Dry Cleaners use a less powerful, portable steam cleaning unit to clean upholstery. This portable unit has less water pressure at a lower temperature with much less suction, so it isn’t efficient at removing oils, bacteria, dirt, etc. Dry cleaners will generally not refer to their upholstery cleaning method as ‘steam cleaning’, but rather ‘hot water extraction’ (which are the same thing!). The difference between a portable machine and a truck mounted machine for cleaning upholstery makes a big difference in drying time. Using a portable machine will generally result in upholstery drying times taken up to four times longer than with our truck mounted machine.


Here is an excert from written by Steve Gillman who has worked in the carpet cleaning industry for many years in answer to the question, “Best Way to Clean Carpet?”

“What is the absolute best way to clean carpet? Carpet manufacturers are almost unanimous. The best way is to use hot-water extraction, also called steam cleaning. Shaw Industries, for example, which is the world's largest carpet manufacturer, recommends only hot-water extraction.

It is also recommended that you use truck-mount units, since portable machines don't have as much suction power and heat. Hot-water extraction is not the only way, though. You can dry-clean your carpet as well. A discussion of both methods follows.

Dry Cleaning Carpet

There are several variations of dry cleaning. None of these, by the way, involves rinsing your carpet when finished. One method uses a foam that dries in your carpet and then is vacuumed up. It is doubtful that all the residue can be extracted.

Another method uses a cotton bonnet that spins. This is meant to absorb the dirt in your carpet. There are some questions as to how deeply this method can clean your carpet.

Finally, there's a dry-cleaning compound that looks like wet sawdust. This is brushed into your carpet, where the dirt adheres to it. When it's dry, it is vacuumed out.

Given their doubtful effectiveness, why are these methods used? The primary reason may be that the equipment costs less. In fact, it is thousands of dollars less than hot-water extraction equipment.

Steam Cleaning Carpet

It is actually hot-water extraction, but it steams a lot. It is also the best way to clean carpet. A good truck-mount hot-water extraction unit forces very hot water into the carpet under high pressure, and then sucks it (and the dirt) out thoroughly. "Steam cleaning," as it is commonly called, has the following advantages:

# The high heat kills bacteria, fungus, mold, and dust mites, making it the healthiest way to clean carpet.

# It doesn't leave residue, if it's done correctly. Detergent residues attract dirt, which can damage carpet.

# The high pressure cleans carpet more deeply.

# The strong vacuum also cleans carpet more deeply.

# Heat really helps! Above 118 degrees fahrenheit, every 18 degrees higher changes chemical reactivity by 100%. Hot water extraction cleaning is done between 150 and 200 degrees. Is that too technical? The bottom line is that it's just the best way to clean carpet”

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