Cutting Costs for the Sake of the Economy

Monday, January 05, 2009

In response to recent global upheaval and far-reaching economic uncertainty, seasoned graphic designer and brand consultant, Matt Cumming, decided to drop profit margins and launch Brandit Logos — a simple, high-quality, low-cost online design service f

"We just want to help people get off the ground without the weight of massive start-up costs" says owner Matt Cumming. "I had been creating brands, websites and other design work for thousands of dollars per project for some big companies over the last ten or so years, but as things got tough in the economy, I thought, wouldn't it be great to find a way to give small companies and entrepreneurs this level of quality at a price that they could easily afford?"

Extensive research uncovered the first challenge — to compete with other existing discount design companies without lowering the quality of the designs. "At first I thought it was impossible, because from what I could see, all the design studios out there who were charging such low discount rates generally put out second-rate design work or worse ... I spent quite a bit of time asking myself how I could give a much higher quality for a tenth of the normal cost."

Mr Cumming went on to develop a system that relies on a hand-picked international freelance design team (mostly from Europe, USA and Australia), online-only services to cut overheads, and upfront payments to drastically cut down administration and follow-up requirements. He continued, "One thing I noticed with my previous company [NEU] is that we wasted a lot of time quoting, invoicing and chasing late payments, so it made a lot of sense to cut that out completely and opt for a singular online payment upfront. Normally that would be a problem, but we offer a substantial discount incentive for the upfront payment, plus our rates are already very low, so people don't seem to mind".

The other main aspect of the Brandit system is an approach Mr Cumming calls 'Fast-Track Creative', which involves a high level of trust in the sub-conscious parts of the brain to come up with creative solutions and concepts. "I noticed a long time ago that if I read a design brief and sketched a few quick ideas before leaving the office, I would wake up the next morning with a set of great ideas that just seemed to flow out very easily, so I developed a method based on that principle to really speed things up. I'm not going to give away all our secrets, but basically we just sleep on it!"

Brandit Logos can be found online at - logo designs start at AU$299 and timeframes for design projects are around 3-5 days.

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