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About Brandit Logos

Brandit is the simplest, high-quality, low-cost graphic design service on the planet. One easy-to-use style selection form, one payment, one professional graphic design team working at light-speed and you're done!

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Simple brilliance in graphic design is a skill, a gift and a science. Our designers have all this plus a passion for the creation of truly great, unique and successful brands. We believe that brands which begin with success in mind, end with success on the profit-charts - and since you've taken the time, trust and money to invest in us, we ALWAYS start with your success in mind.

Each project includes:

1. A full review and 24-hour team brainstorm based on your questionaire responses and comments.

2. Two or three initial versions of your design so you can choose your favourite, make sure the details are correct, and also to give you the opportunity to request minor amendments* such as colour-changes.

3. A full final set of files to suit any requirement (e.g. Logo versions for Web, Print, Email, and Fax, plus other requirement types by request - such as an Embroidery version).

Our design rates are already lower than most!

We know that small businesses and entrepreneurs don't want to spend millions on their visual image, so we've got a "nice price" policy that keeps effective, professional design within easy reach of everyone. The difference between Brandit and other low-priced design studios is that our designs are of a professional standard... everytime.

Plus, you get a $50 discount for up-front payments!

We have a standard administration fee of $50 which is waived for upfront payments. Why? Because when you pay in full up front, our system is doing the accounting and administration work for us and that means we can pass those savings directly on to you.

And we're fast!

After 10 years designing, our "chief" has developed an approach to design which offers faster turnaround times on high-quality creative work. The usual wait-time for a Brandit design project is only 2-3 days (although can be up to 7 days when we're super-busy).

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An Australian graphic design company slashes profit margins to help struggling new businesses get off the ground amidst current economic uncertainty...

Cutting Costs for the Sake of the Economy

In response to recent global upheaval and far-reaching economic uncertainty, seasoned graphic designer and brand consultant, Matt Cumming, decided to drop profit margins and launch Brandit Logos — a simple, high-quality, low-cost online design service f

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Website Design

Brandit offers fast, high-quality designs at an affordable cost.

Stationery Design

Brandit offers fast, high-quality designs at an affordable cost.

Logo Design

Brandit offers fast, high-quality designs at an affordable cost.

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