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About Nappies Covered

Nappies Covered is a world of nappy making at your fingertips. An online store, plus a bricks and mortar store offering bamboo, hemp, microfleece, minky, PUL and all you need to make you own modern cloth nappies.
We also sell Chloe Toes nappies :)

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What are Modern Cloth Nappies?

Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs) have changed the way we think about nappies. Gone are the days when using cloth nappies meant hours in the laundry soaking, rinsing, scrubbing then drying square sheets of terry towelling, followed by the struggle of folding th

Nappies Covered products and services

Chloe Toes Nappies

Chloe Toes Nappies are made by Nappies Covered under license from Chloe Toes Diapers.

Chloe Toes have a unique contoured waistline that is not found in other cloth nappies. The front of the nappy is scooped out for an "under-belly" fit that is very tr

PUL Fabric

PUL is a waterproof fabric. It is used as the outer part of your nappies, covers and diapers.

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