What could possibly go wrong at our WEDDING?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Most weddings run quite smoothly, but when something unexpected does go wrong, it can be frightening how quickly the costs can add up.

Brides, grooms and their parents spend months planning their wedding and in most cases set a strict budget. How would you feel if you experienced a wedding mishap and suffered a financial loss? Any loss can feel devastating, while a large loss or liability claim can bring true financial disaster.

There is now a solution… Wedding Protection Insurance with Mojomo. Protection for your investment in your one special day! Below are a number of examples of wedding couples who experienced unforeseen mishaps and therefore suffered substantial financial losses.

Why would we ever cancel or postpone our wedding?

•The floods in Lismore and the fires in Victoria were devastating! Not only did people lose their houses, cars and pets, they also had to postpone or cancel their weddings. The bridal parties and guests were unable to reach the wedding or the wedding reception. Understandably most wedding suppliers will not refund your deposit and in some cases the full payment is held onto even if the wedding is postponed or cancelled.

•The Groom experienced chest pains 3 days before the wedding and went to the hospital. His newly diagnosed heart condition forced him to postpone his wedding.

•The Mother of the Bride suffered from appendicitis the day before the wedding and was rushed to hospital. The couple were required to postpone their wedding.

Reception Venues never fall through, do they?

•An old winery which was being used as a wedding venue, was under construction. A wedding was booked at the venue, but construction completion date was pushed back and the wedding had to be rescheduled. How frustrating… invites reprinted, loss of deposits from suppliers, etc.

•Venues are sometimes double booked and it’s not until the day of or just before the wedding that they advise the bride and groom.

How much could we lose to a problem wedding supplier?

•The Hairdresser and make-up artist did not show up on the day of the wedding and neither did the deposit the bride had put down.
Loss Incurred - Loss of Supplier Deposits coverage: $1050

•The couple received an email from the photographer saying he was out of business, would not be attending the wedding and could not refund their deposit.
Loss Incurred - Loss of Supplier Deposits coverage: $4990

What could possibly happen to my wedding photos?

•The photographer's bag containing several rolls of wedding pictures was stolen during the reception.
Loss Incurred - Wedding Photography/Video coverage: $3000

How much can it cost to repair a wedding dress?

•The bride had her wedding dress professionally dry-cleaned. When the dress was picked up half of the crystal beads were missing and the dress had shrunk.
Loss Incurred - through Bridal Attire coverage: $4275

What could happen to our wedding gifts?

•Wedding gifts were stolen from the boot of the car.
Loss Incurred - through Wedding Presents coverage: $2080

Do we really need to be concerned about liability and property damage at our wedding?

•Bride and groom held responsible for damaged wooden floorboards at reception centre.
Loss Incurred Liability Insurance: $5723

•Wedding couple held responsible for damaged table top and other property damages.
Loss Incurred Liability Insurance: $1450

•A wedding guest was injured in a fall on a slippery floor, due to spilt food.
Loss Incurred Liability Insurance: $16,435

•A wedding guest moved an antique dining table and two table legs cracked.
Loss Incurred Liability Insurance: $1865

•Wedding couple held responsible for damage to a fountain at the reception site, which wedding guests had jumped on being silly.
Loss Incurred Liability Insurance: $5325

•Wedding guests suffered food poisoning from the catering by the Brides Auntie.
Loss Incurred Liability Insurance: $58,750

•Wedding cake made by Granny had nuts in the mix and one of the children had to be taken by ambulance to hospital due to an allergic reaction.
Loss Incurred Liability Insurance: $1625

Why take a risk on your special day!!!
We Do… for the “I Do”

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