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Phone: (07) 4661 7208 Address: 35 Albion St, Warwick, QLD | Website: http://www.carline.com.au

Exhausts Warwick
Phone: (07) 4661 7208 Address: 35 Albion St, Warwick, QLD

Exhausts Warwick
Phone: (07) 4661 1535 Address: 22 Albion St, Warwick, QLD

Exhausts Warwick
Phone: (07) 4661 7208 Address: 35 Albion St, Warwick, QLD

Exhausts Warwick
Phone: (07) 4661 7253 Address: 22 Albion St, Warwick, QLD

Exhausts Warwick
Phone: (07) 4661 4255 Address: 35 Albion Street, Warwick, QLD

Exhausts Warwick

Common questions about Exhausts and Mufflers
What are exhaust systems Warwick?

An exhaust system is fitted to your car to serve several functions related to emissions namely noise and pollution. Without an exhaust the engine of a car would be very loud, an exhaust system suppresses the noise by using a series of baffles and resonators to reduce the volume of the exhaust gasses leaving the engine - eventually these components can degrade and you may need a Warwick exhaust system replacement. The next function is pollution emissions, the exhaust system contains catalytic convertors which work by converting noxious gases in safer levels before they enter the atmosphere.

How does a muffler work?

A muffler works by the sound waves bouncing off the walls of the muffler to reduce the sound level. Mufflers will often have pipes internally that have holes in them and baffling that help reduce the sound levels. If these baffles become damaged then your may need your muffler in Warwick to be replaced.

What is a performance exhaust in Warwick?

Warwick performance exhaust systems are aimed at providing an increase in power and also a louder exhaust note. They aim to increase performance by allowing the exhaust gasses to leaving the engine more easily by having less resistance along the way. By having less resistance it allows the gasses to flow more freely and allows the engine to produce more power.

What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter works by reducing emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides from the exhaust into the atmosphere. Any exhaust shop Warwick will be able to replace a faulty catalytic converter. As part of vehicle emission regulations it is a requirement that catalytic converters be fitted to road registered cars.

What is an exhaust manifold?

An exhaust manifold feeds the output from each cylinder of the engine into a single output which the rest of the exhaust system is connected to.

What is an exhaust gasket?

An exhaust gasket is a piece of material that goes between each section of the exhaust system, if there is a leak then exhaust gas may escape and you may need an exhaust fix Warwick - you definitely want to ensure there is a good seal to prevent exhaust gas leaking out of the exhaust system.

What is a catback exhaust Warwick?

A catback exhaust Warwick is the section of exhaust that begins after the catalytic converter thus why it is a cat-back exhaust. Often this section is changed if the primary requirement is a more sporty note rather than the maximum increase in power.

Where can I get an exhaust in Warwick?

You can go to a Warwick muffler shop to have a new exhaust system fitted to your car.

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