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Phone: (07) 5442 7040 Address: 89 Memorial Dr, Eumundi, QLD

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Common questions about Bakery
What are the basic components of bread?

Flour and water. If you want bread that rises then yeast is needed to be added to the mix and let the dough rise.

What do bakeries sell?

A bakery will sell bread and other baked goods such as pies, rolls, pastries and cakes.

Why do bakers have to get up so early?

Bakers have to get up really early to get the bread process started, it takes time for the yeast to rise so they need to get a head start to allow time for everything to be ready in time for store opening.

What is sourdough bread?

Sourdough bread is bread that uses a sourdough yeast. This is a very traditional type of bread that has been eaten for many years.

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Phone: (07) 5442 8555 | 86 Memorial Drive, Eumundi, QLD

Restaurant/cafe. Food coffee breakfast brunch lunch dinner. Private Chef Noosa Eumundi.

Food coffee breakfast brunch lunch dinner.
Private Chef Noosa Eumundi.

Business Hours: Mon-Thu: 7:00am-5:00pm; Fri-Sun: 7:00am-8:00pm

Restaurant Eumundi Cafe Eumundi

Phone: 0477 312 120 | PO Box 172, Eumundi, QLD

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Internet Marketing Eumundi Search Engine Eumundi Social Media Support Eumundi Market Research Consultants Eumundi

Phone: (07) 5442 8275 | 212 Seib Road, Eumundi, QLD

Eumundi Pet Resort - The family-run business with a purpose-built facility designed for cattery and dog kennels.

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