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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Webtune offers a revolutionary new service to business owners by revamping old websites to create new image to customers.

Website Tune-Ups - Change the look, feel and message

Fact is, “You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression”

Ask yourself if there is something that needs to be done right now!

Website Tune-Ups are customised maintenance services for websites. These services can include updates to content, images, pages, navigation links, forms, PDF's, downloadable catalog & newsletters - the list goes on.

In essence, we bring websites up to speed in technology and communication.

Tune-up Packages are tailored to suit businesses with existing websites seeking:

* A stronger brand presence amongst competitors

*Improved content and images

*Better search engine performance

*Upgraded usability and easier navigation

*Extended features such as shopping cart or newsletters
W3C Certified Design for easy future upgrades

Specific issues that indicate a website tune-up is required:

*Comparing poorly with competitors
*Old non-compliant programming
*Content requiring updating
*Photography needing a freshen up
*Sites with cross browser or disabled user issues
*Poor ranking on search engines
*Difficult usability and navigation
*Requiring features such as shopping carts and newsletters
*A need for Google Adwords and Online Marketing Campaigns

Webtune offers a solution that can address these issues and bring websites up to standards that give competitor advantage.

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