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Natural Mens & womens skin & body care, paraben free,Cruelty free,Made in Australia.Specialising in Wedding favours.Soaps,Body Wash,Tattoo polish,Body Butters,Face Creams and more.We do wholesale,minimum order required

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At Orea Natural Beauty Products we combine the best quality essential oils & nature, using the highest and purest grade of natural, organic botanical extracts and cosmeceutical ingredients, Orea Natural Beauty Products are specially formulated with the experience of aromatherapists & chemist’s, using the best handpicked ingredients to help with the skin performance and its natural functions to replenish, revitalize, hydrate, tone, repair, and protect.

Rich in natural antioxidants, fruit extracts, vitamins, polyphenols and bioflavonoids, our whole range of products are designed to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin against free radicals, climate changes, daily impurities and stresses, especially with our harsh environment

All products before and after production have gone through testing to ensure that they are safe and beneficial to you and your skin. We believe that healthy skin is the key to everlasting & ageless beauty.

Our range is natural with pure beneficial ingredients to help strengthen the skin's own defense potential and enhance cellular restoration for more youthful skin and a radiant complexion. Unlike any other chemical-based products, our products contain
- No parabens
- No synthetic preservatives
- No synthetic colours
- No harsh detergents
- No mineral oils or petrochemical derivatives

We are Animal cruelty, and no animals have been used before or after production.

Each product has a shelf life of 1 year unopened and 6 months opened. Although we recommend products should be used within weeks once purchased. Products should be kept in a cool area, and away from sunlight. Consistency of some products may change due to heat or cold weather and it is important to keep any skin care in cool areas, to avoid spoiling.

At Orea Natural Beauty Products we strive to create a 100% quality product, but also affordable for everyone to enjoy and get their money’s worth, also most of our products are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way at unbelievable prices.

Most expensive brands do not resemble quality or efficiency. We all get disillusioned by expensive fancy brands, but what is important is what is in the jar, not the package and what it can do for your skin. Be aware when choosing a product, the current state your skin is in and what ingredients suit your skin type.
A lot of times some products contain ingredients that are far more active & useful than others. However a lot of products that are purchased are judged by its price & brand, not quality.

Look around your bathroom & bedroom and you will probably find a collection of skin care products, many unused, un-liked or forgotten. Some may be dried, caked, smelly or expired, and mostly unsuitable.
At Orea Natural Beauty Products we created products to be suitable for many skin types, and to adjust once applied. Most of our ingredients used are suitable for sensitive, to oily & combination skin types. We use light base vegetable oils, so our creams are non greasy and your skin absorbs what it requires, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and renewed and allowing the product to work how it should.

The word Orea derives from the Greek word ORAIA-Beauty or lovely, just like our products and how you should feel after using them.

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Orea Natural Beauty Products are made from Natural oils & Fruit Extracts to keep Your skin feeling Young & Vibrant all Year Round, making sure your skin is healthy and glowing naturally. Orea Natural Beauty Product

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