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3/55 Fulham Rd, Pimlico, Kirwan
Townsville, QLD, 4810
(07) 4755 0288
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About Living Balance Body Therapies

I offer solutions to back and joint pain using a range of massage treatments. I can also provide on-going personalised, postural stability training using Pilates, Swiss Balls, stretches and daily queues. I teach you how to help yourself & prevent problems

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I provide a range of professional, effective body therapies including Dorn Spinal Alignment, Direct Myo-Fascial Release and ENAR (a TENS-like devise to reduce pain/improve function), as well as Lymphatic Drainage.
Dorn Spinal Alignment is a gentle technique developed in Germany whereby we identify misalignments and gently soften surrounding tissue so that the spine can re-align itself over several weeks.
Direct Myo-fascial massage is an effective, long-lasting releasing technique to stretch & relax the fascia surrounding muscles and joints.
ENAR now has a published single-blind, randomised controlled trial proving its effectiveness!
Lymphatic drainage gently assists the lymph system to cleanse the body by massaging through lymph nodes throughout the body.
I am also a qualified Clinical Pilates matwork and Swiss Ball teacher. Using postural analysis I will develop personalised postural pilates & Swiss Ball programs for you to practice.
My focus is to assist you to improve your posture and daily actions by providing advice, postural queues, exercises and stretches based on Physiotherapist & Pilates guidelines.
This awareness and practice combined with a minimum of bi-monthly massages will help you to minimise the liklihood of expensive treatments in the future.
Or come to my low-cost Heartmoves gentle exercise classes held at Annandale, Bohle Vale & Heately community centres 4x/wk to develop postural awareness, balance, joint strength & flexibility.

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