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We only deal with a select number of clients, so we have the time to present your business in the best light. The result is, the sale of your business will be handled with the care and attention it requires to ensure we get you the best possible price.

Itís not simply a matter of listing your business and driving a hard bargain. There are many factors that come into play. The value of a business is not simply a multiple of past earnings. One buyer will always value your business more than another, so it critical to know who they are and what type of information will spark their interest. We tailor the marketing plan to attract the most interest possible from the target group of buyers.

We are experts in handling the myriad of details, contingencies and forms related to the process of selling a business. We can even assist with obtaining financing for the buyer, and guide you and the new owner through the transition period to ensure the continued successful operation of the business.

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