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We provide professional business services to small to medium business, including project management, risk and compliance management, business planning and development and administration management.

Whether you want to outsource the entire process, work

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Business Plans

Whether you require a Business Plan for a new venture or an existing venture, our consultants can prepare a cost effective and professional plan appropriate for your needs.

Facilitation of Strategic Planning

We can assist you identify your key business goals and objectives as well as your threats, strengths, opportunities and weaknesses. Knowing these key points about your business will help in planning your business strategy.

Risk Management

We provide risk identification and assessment and develop strategies to manage identified risks. Strategies include transferring the risk to another party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect of the risk, and accepting some or all of the consequences of a particular risk.


We will manage your compliance using the quality management model, which is not only widely used, but is specifically required by regimes such as AQTF, ISO9001, and the Corporations Act.

We will identify and document all of your "rules" and then establish documented policies and procedures which will assist you and your staff in complying with legilsative and internal requirements.

Operational Audit

Internal Audit can be beneficial to an organisation when used in conjunction with external audit. Internal reviews can assist in monitoring any problematic areas identified during external audit and, can also identify new areas of interest arising between external reviews.

Our consultants can assist you in developing and implementing a robust Auditing program. Included in your program:

* Assessment of your business' auditing requirements and needs
* Design and development of an Audit Plan
* Design and development of internal and external Audit Worksheets
* Design of Audit Reports
* Design of Audit Guidelines and procedures.

We can provide a professional audit solution, no matter if you require assistance in developing your strategy through to assisting you put your whole program together.

Project Management

We offer a wide range of services associated with business and project management up to and including complete business or project management on your behalf.

We use computer based tools to ensure your project runs to budget and to time. Depending on the size of the project, we can work at our office or at your location, either way, we will develop an intimate understanding of your environment, and will work closely with your key project personnel. Our project managers make your business issues their own, and constantly work toward successful delivery of your solutions.


For many small business owners, the administrative tasks a business face are often overwhelming. Spend more time doing what you know and leave the rest to us. Our team can provide the administrative support you require. Whether you need support in managing your corporate governance to managing your information, we can provide a professional solution to suit.

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