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Technology For Sick Computers
Solution for all the computer software problems, viruses and pop ups removals, full registry clean ups, tune ups, instalation of all required software and full computer maintenance.

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More Information

Would You like to do something with your computer but are simply not sure how to do it or where to start?

Are you experiencing some of these problems?

Runtime Error - An error that occurs during the execution of a program.
ActiveX Error - An error caused by certain browser settings and misconfigured system files.
DLL Error - Missing or corrupt .dll files often occur when removing or installing a program.
.exe Error - Often occur during system or program start up due to unneeded files in the Windows registry.
General Protection Fault - Occurs when a program that is running violates the hardware rules in some way.
Blue Screen of Death - Occurs when Windows cannot recover from a system error. Usually requires a reboot.
Windows Explorer Error - A dirty registry may cause Windows Explorer to get stuck in a loop.
iExplore or iExplorer Error - An error related to your Internet Explorer browser often causing it to shut down.
Access Violation - An error that occurs when an application tries to access storage not designated for it.
System32 Error - An error often caused by missing or corrupt system files.
Windows Installer Error - Caused by 3rd party "shell extensions" resulting in a white screen and/or crash.

Is your computer performance lately very sluggish?

PC's today get cluttered with more damaging data, junk, and extra files than ever. This results in poor PC performance, frequent system crashes, slow Internet connections and worse. It can be very depressing, your computer suddenly reboots before you save your work? Or the program shut down in the middle of your task? Perhaps, the blue screen appears out of nowhere and you have to reboot .

Could have you possibly collected some viruses, spy ware or ad ware while you were browsing the net?

Viruses and spyware usually show up on your computer one of two ways :

Either they invade your system with a frontal assault like the Huns attacking the Romans, or they sneak in a back door like a cat burglar.

Either way, once a virus or piece of spyware gets on your system, getting it off can rate harder than curing a severe case of trench foot!

Viruses, malicious programs designed to disrupt normal computing, and spyware, programs intended to literally "spy" on your activities, can enter your computer a number of ways.

Most commonly they enter your system through an email attachment, by sharing files with an infected computer by disk, as a "ride along" with a 3rd party program you install, or through a "back door" port in your computer.

Regardless of how they get on your system, once in place, they cause no end of headaches and frustration.

Are you aware that a computer needs a regular maintenance and "fine tuning" - just like the engine of your car?!

Let ME help you with all this and a lot more with my one to one tutorial, together we can resolve all your computer problems and leave them behind in the past!

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Simple solution for all of your computer problems
Technology For Sick Computers

Looking forward to help you in the future!

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