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Tubby Scrap Computer Recycling collect all computer hard drives, towers, printers, phone systems, any IT devices and related Products we collect for free. We accept all ages and conditions of computers and related devices
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Tubby Scrap Computer Recycling program ensures larger organisations can resell outdated computer equipment or ensure it is disposed of securely and responsibly.

Why Recycle or Recover?

Disposing of, reselling or donating computer equipment can pose problems for business. Obsolete equipment can clutter office space and storage while disposal can consume valuable management time. Improper disposal can also result in fines and damage to reputation among environmentally conscious partners, customers and shareholders. Unwanted equipment can also threaten the security of an organisation if not properly cleansed of sensitive data.

Studies indicate many businesses do not properly erase data from equipment before disposal. Research conducted by BT and several universities worldwide, including Edith Cowan University in Australia, revealed more than 37 percent of hard disks purchased second hand still included confidential corporate and business information.

To overcome these challenges, more companies are choosing Tubby Scrap to professionally manage their recycling and asset recovery programs.

Our recycling programs allow you to securely dispose of desktops, laptops, servers, storage, networking equipment, monitors, printers and computer peripherals such as keyboards and mice.

committed to resource efficiency practices and environmentally friendly end of life solutions for obsolete computers and other office equipment.


Security: We help you protect sensitive data by removing tags and labels from equipment, overwriting readable hard drives and shredding inoperable disks.

Environmental compliance: Our program ensures your old systems are disposed of in an environmentally responsible and compliant way.

Reporting: Tubby Scrap Services can provide a Certificate of Disposal to confirm that your data was removed or destroyed and that all recycling met or exceeded all local regulatory guidelines. In addition, for all equipment disposals we provide a settlement report which lists the resale value of each piece of resold hardware and documents any other disposed equipment.
value from hardware typically less than three years old.

In addition to the ability to deliver secure asset disposition programs the other capability we take most pride in is the ability to be flexible enough to meet our client’s needs. Much of what we are now as a company is the direct result of responding to client situations that were not easily addressed by the cookie cutter solutions available in the marketplace. For instance, the client site process improvement programs we offer come from working with clients that were not satisfied with their existing internal processes and needed to partner with a company that was willing to take the time to help them get it right on their end. The rest of the industry is geared toward maximizing the tonnage of electronics that can be processed. We are designed to partner with our clients to develop reliable processes that they can depend on. This is only one example of many where we developed capabilities in direct response to client needs. If you would like to learn more about Tubby Scrap Recycling Sydney or discuss your situation please contact a representative at Tubby Scrap on 63688487

Types of Items We Process
We Accept

Aircraft instrumentation, gyroscopes
Amplifiers, receiver-transmitters, oscillators, frequency control indicators
Auto starters & alternators
Cable boxes (analog, digital and satellite)
CATV components and scrap
Cell phones & telephone sets
Connectors (Cannon, Amp, etc.)
Copper & aluminum radiators
Copper Anodes
Electric meters & gas meters
Electric motors
Hard drives, floppy drives, CD rom destruction via shredding
Hybrid Scrap
Insulated cable, wire harnesses, cable assemblies (copper and aluminum)
Intergraded Circuits/ Semiconductors
Mainframe computer equipment (ADPE)
Naval Electronics
PC CPUs – desktop & towers
Plated Carrier Strips
Plated Parts
Power supplies
Power transmission switchgear
Printed Circuit boards
Projection equipment
Radar & sonar equipment
Radio equipment, transponders
Solder Dross
Tape drives
Telecommunications equipment (Central Office, PBX, Toll, carrier)
Test equipment, oscilloscopes, meters, digital analyzers
Thick/Thin film Materials/ Ceramic
Tin Anodes
UPS systems
Waveguide assemblies

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Disk Drive Destruction

We double shred hard drives reducing them to scrap. They cannot be reused.
When you want to be certain your computer information is safely destroyed and doesn’t get into the wrong hands, the most effective method is to physically destroy your hard drives.

We run a hard drive through a two-step shredding process reducing the disk to small pieces of metal. The drive cannot be reused.

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