Sigma Aerospace

Hangar 7, Tamworth Airport
Tamworth, NSW, 2340
(02) 6760 7644
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About Sigma Aerospace

Sigma Aerospace is an MRO based in Tamworth. The facility was acquired from QANTAS after more than thirty years operation as a successful regional airline maintenance base. Piston and Turbine engine overhaul, servicing and repair are our speciality.

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Monday7:00am - 5:30pm
Tuesday7:00am - 5:30pm
Wednesday7:00am - 5:30pm
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Friday7:00am - 5:30pm

More Information

Sigma Aerospace
Sigma Aerospace is an MRO based at Hangar 7 Tamworth New South Wales, Australia. The facility was acquired from QANTAS after more than thirty years operation as a successful regional airline maintenance base.

Building on this success, Sigma added a reputable airline instrument repair facility (previously owned by New England Instrument Company) to its operation, and has opened its second turbine engine overhaul shop at a new Brisbane facility to support its Honeywell Major Service Centre. This turbine overhaul capability is complemented by a nozzle overhaul shop servicing Honeywell and PWC100 series and other engine fuel nozzles together with APU nozzles, tips and holders. In addition, a comprehensive piston engine overhaul facility operates from the Tamworth base.

Today Sigma Aerospace supports airlines (regional through to international operators) as well as utility and special mission customers by way of its direct maintenance services (including engine, airframe, avionics and structural repairs) worldwide contract engineering services and inventory management. Sigma Aerospace is the Asian and Southwest Pacific distributor for Comtek Advanced Structures.

Sigma’s experienced and highly trained team is committed to meeting customer’s needs at the highest quality.

Our Client list includes QANTASLINK, Jetstar, Cobham, National Jet Systems, QANTAS Defence, Air Niugini and Air Nelson

Dedicated Piston Engine Workshop

With continuous investment in advanced technology, Sigma Aerospace can offer total engine maintenance and overhaul support. This investment, along with an experienced workforce, is our commitment for a quality product of the highest standard.

Sigma's Authorised TCM LINK FBO Service facility piston engine workshop undertakes a cost effective and precision engine overhaul of both Continental and Lycoming piston engines.

The piston shop has been set up to undertake all phases of overhaul, from cylinder reconditioning and overhaul, to the modification and overhaul of individual components.

Servicing, bulk strips and repairs are also performed.

Dedicated Turbine Engine Workshop

Sigma's turbine workshop specialises in the Garrett TPE331 series engine overhauls, as well as servicing, repair and overhaul of components for the TPE331.

Sigma also perform PT6A hot section inspections and accessory gearbox inspections, servicing of the PT6A, as well as the testing and repair of turbine fuel nozzles and valves.

TPE-331 Specialties

Gearbox Inspections
Engine Overhaul ( CAM )
Fuel Nozzle Maintenance
Corrosion Treatment
Field Maintenance

PT-6A Specialties

Hot Section Inspections
Fuel Nozzle Maintenance
Field Maintenance
Accessory Gearbox Inspections
Boroscope Inspections

Fuel Nozzle Workshop

At Sigma Aerospace's state of the art nozzle and related component facility, we clean, purge and test a variety of parts including:

APU Restrictors
APU Tips
APU Start Nozzles
Dash 8 Fog Nozzles
Dash 8 Fuel Flow Dividers
Pratt &Whitney 120 Dash 8 Fuel Nozzles
Pratt & Whitney PT6A Series Fuel Nozzles
Garrett TPE-331 Series Simplex Fuel Nozzles
Garrett TPE-331 Series Duplex Fuel Nozzles

We also offer an exchange program for a variety of nozzle types, ensuring that aircraft downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. At Sigma Aerospace we give our clients, the opportunity to be a part of our Nozzle Contracting Program, where you are entitled to price discounts on all our nozzle services

Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance Services

Sigma Aerospace provides comprehensive Engineering and Maintenance Services to many national and international airlines through on-site support of their operations.

The range of support services supplied by Sigma Aerospace include :

Ramp and Line Maintenance
Transit Check Inspections
Heavy Maintenance and Bridging Checks
Quality Audits and Maintenance Planning
Materials Procurement, Stores and Logistics
Apprenticeship Program Managment and Co-Ordination Services
Technical Training
Fleet Appraisal and Lease Return Inspections

Sigma Aerospace has available capable, qualified and experienced technicians including:

Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (Mechanical, Avionics and Structural)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Apprentices
Stores, Logistics and Procurement Personnel
Quality Auditors and Financial Analysts

Aircraft Maintenance

Using highly skilled and experienced technicians, assisted by an integrated planning system, Sigma Aerospace is able to complete a variety of customised maintenance inspections and modification packages including:

Routine Maintenance Checks
Minor/Major Airframe Repairs
Structural Inspections
Corrosion Prevention and Control
Ageing Aircraft Inspections
Aircraft Modification / Refurbishment

Whether periodic inspections, modifications, rebuilds or insurance repairs, we have the equipment and experienced team to complete the work efficiently.

Our adjacent supporting workshops, and a comprehensive spares inventory, ensure that aircraft maintenance is completed in a timely and cost efficient manner.


At Sigma Aerospace, we are committed to providing quality in-house avionic servicing and support.

We are equipped to carry out inspections, repairs, overhauls, fault diagnosis, warranty repairs, new installations and design recommendations.

Our Avionic and Electrical Repair Overhaul and Upgrade Capabilities include:

Communication Systems
Engine Instruments
Flight Systems
Navigation Systems
Autopilot Systems
GPS Systems
Aircraft Battery Servicing
In Flight Entertainment Systems
Plus many more.

The avionics team at Sigma Aerospace handle aircraft instrument calibration inspections I.A.W. the latest approved data and procedures.

Overhaul and capacity testing of batteries, emergency power and lighting unit power packs can also be performed.

We can also install, modify, repair and test your electrical, radio, navigation and auto pilot systems.

The overhaul, repair and testing of airframe, engine electrical and instrument components, including landing lights, strobe power supplies and many others is also capable at our newly designed modern avionic and electrical facility.

Instrumentation and Tooling

Sigma Instruments specialises in servicing, certification and calibration of a variety of test and measurement instruments, as well as most avionic equipment, tooling and instrumentation imaginable.

Sigma Instruments is a unique repair shop. Our test benches, and distinctive test equipment were custom-designed and built for versatility and expansion. Because of this, it allows us to provide a higher degree of testing with a faster turn around time.

Service is not an empty word for us; on the contrary it is the reason why we are in business today. Whether it is the installation of a component, calibration of a tool, repair of an item, technical information assistance or plain, old-fashioned courteous treatment of customers and suppliers, we have the right mindset and skills for the job. Our services and capabilities include the certified calibration of equipment in a wide range of areas such as:

As well as professional advice on the selection of equipment and methods of measurement .

Sigma Instruments offers testing, sales, and the servicing / overhaul of nearly all categories of aircraft instrument components and aircraft electrical components. We have provided quality service to the aviation community since 1965. We service Directional gyros, attitude gyros, turn coordinators, altimeters, airspeed indicators and many more. We deal with many instrument manufacturers including SigmaTek, United, A.I.M., Allied Signal, R.C. Allen, A.I.D., and E.G.C. just to name a few.

We have the experience and capability to overhaul many types of aircraft instrumentation from a variety of manufacturers. Our highly skilled technicians have over 40 years experience repairing and overhauling aircraft instruments and are familiar with both newer and older model equipment. We can offer you a quick turn around in most cases so you can spend more time flying.

Component Maintenance

Total Maintenance support cannot be achieved without a quality component workshop. This facility is complimented with highly skilled and experienced Technicians, providing a high quality cost effective component overhaul that challenges accepted industry standards.

Sigma Aerospace's Component Workshop performs Cleaning, Inspection, Overhaul, Repair, Modification and Testing of over 1,000 individual line items including:

Wheels and Brakes
Hydraulic Actuators
Pressure Reducing Valves
Regulators and Limiters
Flexible Hose Assemblies
Starter Motors
Starter Adapters
Plus many more

Our Technicians ensure preventative maintenance concepts are applied to Customer components, providing optimised component performance and cost savings to the Customer.

We Overhaul, Repair and Modify complete undercarriage assemblies and associated components.

Specialised component maintenance services, tailored to Customer requirements are also available.

Specialist Services

Sigma Aerospace understands that the aviation industry's needs are very specialized, and as such, we have a number of highly trained technicians to handle all of our client's specific maintenance needs.

The focus is to employ new and improved services to complement not only our business, but your business as well.

We employ our specialist services within all areas of the aviation industry. All work is performed with an exceptionally high degree of precision.

Our workshop also has the ability to perform Non-Destructive Testing of various components. N.D.T. is a series of specialised, non-invasive procedures undertaken on aircraft and engine components to test for imperfections and deterioration. The various forms of N.D.T. include:

Eddy Current
Fluorescent Dye Penetrant
Magnetic Particle Inspection (Medium and Ultrahigh Sensitivity)

Our magnetic particle inspection test units are able to take larger components, and test to closer tolerances, than most others in our industry.

Sigma cleans using a variety of cleaning processes such as acids and alkalines, along with decarbonizers, solvent washing, glass bead blasting, Trichloroethylene degreasing and ultra sonic cleaning.

All cleaning processes comply with stringent environmental standards.


Sigma Aerospace's engineering team can undertake every aspect of aircraft repair and modification. A wide range of specialised equipment, including a salt heat treatment bath, enables our engineers to fabricate sheet metal components from raw materials.

The sheet metal section can completely rebuild sheet metal structures for airframes, control surfaces and associated systems.

Sigma Aerospace can also weld components to modify or repair them. Some examples include, Exhaust Systems, Engine Mounts, Seat Frames and many others.

Sigma's Machine Shop has a variety of specialised machine tools capable of a wide range of operations including turning, milling, boring and grinding.

The digital plotting capability of our vertical turret mill is particularly suitable for the reproduction of precision hole positions and bores on replacement fittings/castings, such as wing spar mods and wing attachment fittings.

Sigma can offer a full facility for the manufacture of aircraft control system cables that are tested to the most stringent CAO requirements. Our capabilities in cable sizes range from 1/16” to 1/4” with a wide selection of end fittings available.

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