Rose Bay Kung Fu

9 Newcastle Street
Rose Bay, NSW, 2029
0413 885 883
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About Rose Bay Kung Fu

Master Marko Vesse (energy master) 25 years experience in China and Australia is the Master of Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu which is an internal martial arts style. A personal training program that uses mind development and body conditioning techniques. 0413885883

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The true source of power, speed and intuitive and creative fighting ability is genetically inherent in every person. It needs only to be released. When the secret of the way to its release is understood it continues to flow and develop from within, even in the absence of a teacher. The studentís inner self is revealed as the true teacher.

Natural Wu Xing Dao kung fu Progression:

3 months: The capacity to generate and release explosive power and force allowing you to deliver strikes and blows far beyond what would be expected of your size, appearance or strength.

6 months: The ability to tolerate impact from outside forces without pain or injury and the development of natural fighting ability without the use of set forms or choreographed movements.

9 months: The explosive release of energy results in damaging an opponent internally with self-knowledge and understanding that affects and influences every aspect of your life.

Weapons training:
Along with traditional weapons such as sword and staff, students learn to make any object an effective weapon.

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Mention the Local Business Guide and receive a complementary private lesson, valued at $110.00. Ph: 0413 885 883

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