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About Resume Partners

Resume Partners offers a top quality professional Resume Writing service. Our resumes get you to the next step, the interview. Cover letter writing and interview coaching is also available. Try our latest product, Resume Partner, a cost effective solution

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Resume Partners brings together a wealth of industry knowledge, business experience and professional writing experience, neatly packaged and delivered to you in two formats.

Resume Tailor
With over 20 years recruitment experience we know what recruiters want to see and more importantly, what they look for in a resume. Having recruited for some of Australia’s largest companies, we know and understand what HR executives and hiring managers want to see.

Resume Tailor will ensure that your resume addresses the key criteria and stands out from the crowd.

Through Personalised Consultation:
We will understand your experience and achievements
We consult with you on your future career direction
We unlock your true potential
We design a resume that showcases your skills and achievements
We guarantee our work!

Resume Class
Resume Class unveils the secrets of writing a successful resume. At an amazing low cost we are giving you tools that will have you writing your own interview winning resume in just over 1 hour.

We will show you:
How to layout the information to hold the reader’s attention
Where & how to use headlines/headings
How to turn a job description into achievement based statements
How to construct points that describe a situation, outline an action and conclude with a positive outcome
How to address key criteria from a job advertisement
We will also teach you:
The whys’ to all of the above questions
Which tense to use, past/present plus where & when
How many pages you should use
Which resume format is best for your circumstances
How to deal with resume prejudice
What not to do

Not everyone will learn in the same way. Some of us need to see whereas some are happy to read or be told how to and others learn by doing or touching. This class is designed to reach the 3 main learning groups, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

We also provide expert advice when writing that all important cover letter.

Professional Cover Letters
When was the last time you wrote a cover letter for a specific job? Of the thousands of cover letters received, many are addressed to the wrong person, refer to a different job or even worse, both.

Recruiters and hiring managers cull their massive responses by dismissing the careless. Some will make this an easy task by tripping themselves up with a poorly written cover letter. We can write a cover letter that will have the reader dialing your number to bring you in for an interview.

If you want to do it yourself and just need some guidance, we have the solution for you.

Cover Letter & Job Ad Analysis Class
We refuse to pawn you off with a set of cover letter templates. It’s not fair to you nor would it be fair to the recipient of this generic material. We teach you how analyse various job ads, extract the relevant information and compose a structured, tailored letter of application that will address the job criteria and help you get called for interview.

Only a small percentage of job applicants will address the job criteria properly. Stand out from the crowd now by learning how to compose cover letters that get you interviewed!

About Us
Michael Queally, founder of Resume Partners, brings 15 years professional experience to every resume. Michael’s experience spans graduate recruitment to senior executives for medium and large organisations. Having also lived a diversified career outside of recruitment, including investment & development in the property sector as well as general management in the IT industry, Michael brings a unique mixture of recruitment and self-career management knowledge which adds immense value to each resume. This coupled with three years senior management experience with two global recruitment companies puts your next career step in safe hands.

You can free call Michael now for a free consultation.
Resume Layout, Resume Design, Resume Advice, Career Counselling, Interview Coaching, Cover Letter Writing, Outplacement, Recruitment Strategy, Project Management.

We have developed two online tutorials; Resume Class and Cover Letter Class to guide job seekers through the many pitfalls before securing a new job.

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Strategies for a new era in job search

Have you forgotten the old art of applying for a job? Are you aware of how things were done before the internet. Don't take the lazy approach to finding a job, a little effort increases the reward.

Dressing for Success – It's an investment that pays!

If you look good, you will feel good. This leads to a more confident you. A more confident you will negotiate better terms. Bottom line, you will earn more!

Resume Partners products and services

Interview Coaching

You've applied for the ideal job and now you have an interview but you can't remember the last time you've been in this situation. Getting the interview is tough. You need help otherwise you will blow this opportunity that you have worked so hard to get.

Cover Letter & Job Ad Analysis

Learn how to extract the key criteria from a job advertisement and the we will show you how to write a cover letter that addresses each requirement. Our cover letters win interviews! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Resume Tailor

To find the perfect job, you need the perfect resume. We tailor your resume to fit the profile of the type of job you are applying for

Resume Partner

Resume Class unveils the secrets of writing a successful resume. At this amazing low cost we are giving you tools that will have you writing your own interview winning resume in just over 1 hour. Try our free demo

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