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About OneShift Jobs Australia

OneShift is an online job network which directly matches job seekers with employers for one-off shifts, casual, part time and permanent work.

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What is OneShift?

OneShift is an online job network which directly matches job seekers to employers in order to provide temporary or permanent part-time employment. The network's format is similar to a dating website; a seeker's availability, location and skills are visible to a business searching for a suitable candidate. The internal database only matches those employees whose profiles are exactly what the job advertisement requires. This means that time and resources are not wasted during the often prolonged recruitment process.

How many people are using OneShift?

The welcome response to our service within the different industries around Australia has helped OneShift grow to include 200,000 job seekers and over 19,000 registered business entities.

What makes OneShift different to all the other recruitment businesses in Australia?

There are many recruitment businesses operating within Australia. Our competitors include other online job agencies such as SEEK and MyCareer, recruitment agencies focused on the part-time and temporary work market such as Adecco, local newspapers, notice boards and more traditional 'word of mouth' networks. So whilst we are not the only online job network in Australia, OneShift is the only employment website in our nation with such a specific functionality designed to match employees to employers based solely on their suitability for the job. This direct connection with job seekers, means that unlike an agency, no time is wasted with the physical process of candidate assessment, interview and selection, everything happens online.

Moreover, OneShift has no listing or advertising fees so an employer only pays on performance if they are satisfied with our services. Unlike local newspapers or notice boards, our scope for potential employees is not restricted to geographical location. We are an online network and we provide employers a huge pool of job seekers. Lastly, our 'feedback' functionality is an innovation to the recruitment service. An employer can preview their previous employment reviews to ensure that the candidate's performance and reliability is to a professional standard.

How is OneShift changing the employment scene?

Firstly, the hiring process is online. Every day, more and more Australians are connecting via the web in order to achieve and accomplish even the most mundane activities in our lives; shopping, communicating, researching and studying. With more people living and breathing on this online world, it is no surprise that when they are searching for a job that they turn to the web. OneShift is an online network which makes this job search, an often pained and prolonged process, so much simpler.

Secondly, OneShift is embracing this idea of flexibility in the workforce. Employers ought to rethink their willingness to promote non-linear career paths. Why? Because not all Australians are suited to a five day a week 9 am to 5 pm office job.
This is not only an issue for females who have children; both women and men hold a range of entirely valid reasons to take time out of the workforce or to reduce the hours which they dedicate to their profession. Going back to university, looking after elderly family members, taking care of a young family or dealing with illness within the family are all reasons why a person's career path is rarely a linear one.

And for those Australians who are looking for an opportunity for more flexible, diverse employment, OneShift is a network which caters for our new modern lifestyles. On our site, we support businesses that chose to be more adaptable with their staffing structure and work environment. One-off shifts, casual, part-time and permanent positions are posted on our site and we host a range of industries from hospitality to business, floristry to education.
Whilst we recognise that there is still a place for full-time work positions, we are embracing this new, more flexible, employment structure which hopes to get more Australians working.

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