Fat Loss

Monday, June 30, 2008

When trying to lose body fat, sometimes it is the implementation of the program that is more important than the program itself.

"It is better to do a poor program than to not do a great program!!"

Fat Loss
Fat Loss is the single most desired outcome of personal training in my experience. It seems everyone wants to reduce their waste line or body fat percentage.

With so much information, both nutritional and exercise related, why is that as a culture we are the fattest to date? Well, the short answer is “lifestyle and technology”. What was supposed to make our lives easier is actually making us very sick. Cars, televisions, computers, pollution, medicines and host of other man made situations are all contributing to the obesity epidemic and a wide variety of other health ailments.

So what can we do?
We need to be vigilant. You need to become a lifestyle vigilante. You need to weed out and eradicate the portions of your lifestyle that are contributing to poor health. Although that may be an extremist solution, some aspects may just need conscious management.

How can I do it?
Here is where the problems start. It is not what to do, but how to implement it into your lifestyle that is more than usually the biggest hurdle. With longer working hours, children to pick up, shopping, traffic jams etc, it is almost impossible to fit in a health and fitness program into your life.

Only when you have taken the steps required that will allow you to fit in a health and fitness program into your lifestyle effectively, can you begin to think about what actual exercise to do.

Tell me what to do!
Ok, So lets assume you have organized your lifestyle and schedule enough to be able to fit in 3-5 hours of planned focused exercise pertinent to a specific outcome. My advice would be to do 3-4 weight sessions a week and 2-3 cardio interval sessions per week.

Of course exercise alone is only half of the solution, with your nutritional requirements being the other half.

Careful meal planning and supplementation must be carried out to ensure you are getting the required nutrients, vitamins and mineral that allow you to train with energy to spare.

If you are following these general guidelines you should be well on your way to an energetic healthy lifestyle with the body you desire.

Nathan Maurice


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