Cost Planning

Noreast Constructions cost planning expertise covers feasibility studies, cost planning, budget estimates, alternative evaluation and value engineering for our clients.

The in-house estimating and cost planning function of Noreast Constructions provides clients with tangible benefits that flow from our in-depth market knowledge of development costs and strong partnerships with highly regarded professionals, key suppliers and subcontractors.

Our team of highly experienced estimators are able to significantly add value to the construction process by trouble shooting the development challenges and proactively seeking remedies whilst the project is still at design concept stage. This often commences well before contracting.

Our strong background in D&C allows us to offer Clients the opportunity to ease the pressure on their budget by suggesting considered ways to get to the same outcome - we appreciate the significant impact one saving can have other elements of the project.
Noreast cost planning expertise includes:

Feasibility Studies
Cost planning
Budget estimates
Alternative evaluation
Value Engineering

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