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Shop 7, Oatley Village Plaza, 32 Frederick St
Oatley, NSW, 2223
(02) 9771 9451
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A local Mortgage Broker servicing the St George/Sutherland area. At Mortgage Choice we have access to 400 of Australia's leading banks and lenders. Our job is to help you find a home loan that best suits your needs & take care of all the running around.

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Does this sound like you?

After years of renting you have at last made the decision to buy your first property. With the vast array of ever changing options available to you, where do you start? You turn to your partner for encouragement who looks more mystified & daunted than you by the whole home loan process. He too is confused by the myriad of choice and complex home loan jargon. After work, you stay up late at night, surfing the internet. You research home loan choices, compare lenders, rates & features. You eagerly await the Reserve banks decision on interest rates every month & endlessly pour over newspapers to find the latest home loan deals. You take time off work to make appointments to talk with lenders as well as discussing your situation with well intentioned friends & family who only make you more confused and frustrated in the end. On weekends you visit open homes, go to auctions looking for your ideal property not understanding what the next steps are. Until at last - you find your dream property and can hardly contain your excitement as you know this is the one.... Or is it? It's a little more than you wanted to pay but you can afford it - can't you?

Sound familiar? There must be an easier way? There is!!!

Imagine if you could take all the worry and stress out of buying your property and instead you are able to sit back & enjoy this exciting time. In today's uncertain market, it's more important than ever before to make the right home loan choice. Our expertise is helping people through this financial maze, by finding the most appropriate loan to suit their individual needs and circumstances.

I enjoy running my own business and get a great level of personal satisfaction and pleasure when helping people reach their financial goals. Whether it's your 1st home or your 5th; buying a commercial property or simply looking to renovate or refinance I am passionate about giving them the best home loan advice to help people move forward.

We are paid by the lender, not by you. So best of all our service is free to you. Most importantly we receive exactly the same payment whichever lender we choose for your home loan. So there's no financial incentive for us to recommend one lender over another. We truly have your interests at heart.

We'd love to help you, even with the simplest of questions or enquiries. We are fully mobile and are happy to meet you at your home, your office or whatever you choose and at time that is most suited to you. Call us today on 02 9771 9451 or 0437 149326.

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