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About Iconic Risk International

Iconic Risk International is a boutique security consultancy company that specialises in providing security, investigation and risk management to corporate, business, sporting and like businesses. Contact Iconic Risk International 24/7 for all inquiries.

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ICONIC RISK INTERNATIONAL - Local, National and International Security.

Iconic Risk International is a security consultancy company that specialises in providing security, investigation and risk management to corporate, sporting and like businesses.

Iconic Risk International provides a wide and integrated range of security risk and investigation services such as:- security and risk management, protective security, close personal protection (VIP), high risk protective details, investigations, protective intelligence, anti-corruption strategies, surveillance, undercover operations, crisis management, Kidnap & Ransom training, high risk covert operations, travel security awareness, corporate training (team building), security and investigation training.

It is well documented that it is the organisation/company responsibility to ensure that the highest possible standard of security risk management (SRM) practices are firmly embedded at all levels. To achieve this goal an organisation requires a skilled and experienced security company with individuals whose primary role is to 'champion' SRM initiatives. By doing so, an organisation can fulfil its duty of care responsibilities to employees as well as improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the security function.

Many organisations find it difficult to source a reliable, cost effective long term solution. However, Iconic Risk International has the experience and flexibility to meet all clients' needs. Iconic Risk's comprehensive understanding of the security, investigation and risk environment presents an opportunity for a long term and cost effective partnership. Our experience allows us to assist your organisation in achieving it business objectives while managing its risk profile and duty of care obligations.

Iconic Risk International is proud of the security and risk management work undertaken with companies both in Australia and overseas. Iconic Risks' security specialists have travelled extensively and operated in demanding environments and locations to ensure the safety and security of the clients.

Iconic Risk security consultants are all former Australian Law Enforcement and Army Commando/SAS. With this they bring their unparalleled experience and expertise in all facets of security, risk management, investigation, surveillance, covert operations and high risk operational response as well as considerable links to the law enforcement, civil and military community.

In summary, Iconic Risk International's expertise is broad across all aspects of security, investigation and risk management. Our unique approach and experienced consultants mean that we are able to provide your organisation with timely holistic solutions to mitigate the security and risk exposure to your organisation, operations, people and assets. Iconic Risk International will deliver many practical benefits to your organisation such as:-

- Contribute to the ongoing success of your organisation and its operations;
- Assisting your organisation in achieving its goal and objectives;
- Protecting the safety and integrity of the company, management and stakeholders;
- Protecting the profitability and livelihood of your organisation and stakeholders interest.

For further information on how can Iconic Risk International can assist your organisation with security, investigation and risk solutions please make contact via email on the first instance.

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Contact Iconic Risk International for a consultation on how we can assist your organisation with security, investigation and risk solutions.

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Undercover Training - Covert

Learn from the experts in the field of undercover infiltrations and operations. Iconic Risk International will teach you everything there is to know about the very secretive world of undercover work.

Undercover Operations - Local, National or International

Undercover operations have proven to be one of the most reliable and effective methods of investigation going back to Biblical times. Undercover officers are used routinely in law enforcement to investigate crime.

Specialised Covert Consultancy.

In business you must know who you are dealing with and if what they are telling you is the truth. Iconic Risk International can assist in negating this risk and help you with expert guidance and consultancy. No one in this field is better trained.

Kidnap and Ransom (Training and Management)

It is important that your organisation/business has a Kidnap and Hostage security risk management and training program that will allow a professional incident response when the need arises.
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