Holistic Services Group (Aust)

PO Box 4027
Castlecrag, NSW, 2068
1300 889 073
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About Holistic Services Group (Aust)

If you are looking for seated office massage, stress management, or corporate health, you're at the right place...

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About us:
HSG’s objective is to provide your workplace with 7 staff benefits:
1. Decrease your staff absenteeism and sick leave
2. Reduce stress and manage pressure
3. Boost participation, trust and engagement rates
4. Increase productivity and employee performance
5. Improve concentration and focus
6. Sustain wellbeing and health
7. Enhance morale and motivation

Our Specialties:
HSG’s Services
• Health/Wellness Programs
• Holistic Coaching
• Stress Management
• Stretch Break Computer Software
• Work/Life Balance Programs
• Workplace Massage
• Yoga/Pilates classes

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Corporate Workplace Health and Wellness Services

We deliver wellness programs to the top 500 companies in Australia with corporate massage, health and wellbeing events, holistic coaching, stress management services and work/life balance programs.

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