Top 6 Tips to Get Motivated for Weight Loss

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keep it simple by following quick and basic steps

Finding weight loss motivation is hard. Keeping it is harder. If you want to succeed on any weight loss program, diet or new lifestyle, youíre going to have to find your motivation.

Get Real

First and foremost, you have to realize that you are a real person. Celebrities and models do nothing but workout and take care of their bodies, which they should Ė looking great is their job! Ordinary people though, with real lives that involve work, kids, pets, homework and household chores, donít have that luxury, or personal chefs! Setting a realistic goal, that is achievable, will go a long way to ensuring weight loss success.

Gather Your Support System

Letting friends and family know about your plan to lose weight is a great way to stay motivated.
Either they can be your cheerleaders, or you can enter into a little friendly competition, or even
embark on your weight loss journey together. Some people even find joining a weight loss group helpful, and if that works for you, by all means why not?

Give Yourself Visible Clues

Thereís something to that old adage about the picture on the refrigerator. You donít have to tape a picture on the fridge, but putting visible reminders around your house and office of your weight loss goals can be a great way to keep yourself motivated. Hang a favorite dress thatís a little snug on your closet door, or put a black or white board in your kitchen, where you can write notes to inspire yourself, and remind yourself why youíre trying to lose weight.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself for achieving weight loss goals is a great way to stay motivated. Instead of celebrating your weight loss success with a burger though, why not buy a new pair of shoes, or a bag, or take yourself to the movies or the theater? An unhealthy relationship with food often
includes using food for comfort or reward, and you want to break that pattern.

Set A Date

Having a date in mind by which to reach your weight loss goals is a good idea, as long as itís
realistic and achievable. Some people find that a big event, like a wedding, high school reunion or other big celebration is a good reason to lose weight, so why not use that as your deadline?

Get Started

Putting your weight loss plan on hold, starting tomorrow, or waiting for your situation to be just
right is the quickest way to fail in your weight loss goal. Start today. Say not to that burger. Clean
out your grocery cupboard and fridge, and take a walk around the block. Thatís how successfulweight loss happens: one day at a time.

Now that you have some tools to get you motivated and started, why not start planning your weight
loss right now, lose the weight, get healthy, and feel great?

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