How good bookkeeping can benefit your business

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A computerised bookeeping service designed to provide regular reporting on your business, frees you from the drudgery of the numbers

According to a recent survey by MYOB around 40% of small business owners (companies with less that 20 employees) do not currently use an accounting software package such as MYOB or Quickbooks.

The survey showed that only one in five sole traders currently uses accounting software, rising to nine out of ten of those with 16 to 20 employees.

Maintaining good accounting practices, made possible by having good accounting software has been a large factor in the survival rate of SMEs.

Whether you choose Quickbooks, MYOB and many other software packages, we can help you get started, train you, and even relieve you of the strain of undertaking your bookkeeping duties Contact Us to arrange your first appointment

You enjoy real benefits:

* Be free to concentrate on income-generating activities
* Improve your cashflow with efficient billing and debt collection
* Save by not having to invest in hiring extra staff, renting extra space and equipment or setting up manual or computerised bookkeeping systems
* Know the financial position of the business each day
* Have the financial management information necessary to make informed decisions
* Have the information your accountant needs to accurately advise you
* Your banker will have accurate information from which they can examine your performance

Contact Us to arrange your first appointment We do not replace your accountant, we work with your accountant

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