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YOGA: Beginner - General Levels
Find a balance between strength and flexibility using a fusion of vinyasa yoga (flowing from pose to pose) and iyengar-style yoga (focusing on alignment).

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Initially the practice of yoga involves synchronising the mind with the body by focusing on the breath. As the breath works to open the body, so our minds and hearts open creating a sense of space and clarity.

Sarah has been teaching for 7 years using a fusion of Ashtanga or vinyasa work (flowing from pose to pose) and Iyengar focusing on alignment with the use of props.

A particular specialty Sarah offers her students is to create an in-depth relationship with gravity. As we become deeply engrossed in our busy lives, we start to lose our body awareness resulting in a sagging posture and collapsed chest. This causes innumerable problems including pain as our muscles are forced to overwork and headaches as our lungs are forced to under-breathe. As you learn to develop a two-way relationship with gravity, you find your spine straightens, your mind clears and you quite literally have a spring in your step.

Thursday 10 11.15am @ Boomerang Beach (Beginners General)
Saturday 4 5.15pm @ Boomerang Beach (Beginners General)

Call to reserve a place in the class as space is limited
$11 per class (casual) or 5 for $50
All props/mats provided
Beginners and all ages welcome
Please wear loose comfortable clothing (shoes/socks unnecessary during class)
PRIVATE TUITION (Either at Boomerang Beach or in your home) 1 hour: $70 or 1.5 hours: $90

1.5 hours for 1 hourly fee (no limit on number of students)

PRANAYAMA: Classes start with pranayama (controlled breath) to quieten the mind, oxygenate the blood and encourage the energy to flow more freely
ASANA: Postures are used to heat the body and focus the mind. Intially we work on VINYASA (flow from posture to posture such as in a sun salutation) however part of the class is spent in INQUIRY where we investigate and deepen our understanding of a pose. By practicing Asana, we expose ourselves to experiences where we can watch our minds and deepen our awareness of ourSelves and how we respond to challenging situations which we can then apply to life outside our practice
MEDITATION: A short period of meditation involving a breath exercise or visualisation to deepen the focus we generated in Asana practice. This may involve an inversion (where the hips or feet are raised above the heart, such as lying on the ground and putting legs up the wall)
RELAXATION: Lying flat or in a supportive horizontal position to encourage the body and mind to become still so that we can glimpse the bliss that is only found in silence.

INCORPORATING DIFFERENT LEVELS: Beginners will be shown easy versions of postures and experienced students will be given the opportunity to deepen the pose. Students with injuries or other conditions such as pregnancy will be given variations that are supportive and therapeutic.

Increased flexibility
A quieter mind
A feeling of lift rather than of being dragged down by gravity
More effective immune system
Enhanced creativity and spontaneity
A stronger and fitter body
A sense of connectedness (to your life, environment and those around you)
Meditation skills
Instruction on how to achieve a daily practice

Member of Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (2006 2008)
Senior First Aid Certificate (2006 2008)
Yoga Teacher Training, Cambridge School of Yoga, London UK
Member of British Yoga Teachers Association, UK (2006)
Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) (2000 2008)
Vipassana 10 day silent Meditation Course
Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Hatha Yoga, Yoga Synergy, Sydney
Diploma of Remedial Massage, Nature Care College, Sydney Australia
Reiki I & II
Completed Transcendental Meditation Course

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