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0405 324 369
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About Blossom Graphic Design

A boutique graphic design studio and marketing studio, based in Sydney Australia. Feminine, girly and chic logo, print and web graphic design is our business. We are all about being creative for a strategic purpose.

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0405 324 369

Welcome to the gorgeous world of Blossom. We are a small studio run by Art Director Di Kennedy, a Professional Member of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA).

The goal of Blossom is to address the needs of clients in fashion, beauty, lingerie, feminine products, spas, beauty salons, cosmetics, baby boutiques, bridal boutiques and make up industry.

Blossom is commited to creating lush, fresh and targeted design for small to medium sized businesses. Marketing to women is a tricky area and many designers tend to generalise when it comes to marketing to women, often missing vital elements in campaigns and design.

Blossom was a response to the desire for professional, ultra lovely and beautiful design for print and the web. While there are many boutique studios online that "do girly", very few have the big agency and studio experience, which Blossom brings to the table. This is the key factor that will ensure your brand's success online and in print.

Basically, we at Blossom, are obsessed by beauty with substance. Gorgeous, fabulous, glamorous, and stylish design is our specialty but there must be something beyond just a pretty face. Successful graphic design needs to not only look good, but be intelligent and results driven.

Blossom are not your garden variety designers. Di Kennedy, Blossom's award winning designer/art director has been in the advertising and marketing industry for over 13 years. Not only that, but Di also ran her own signature line of cosmetics (Di Kennedy Cosmetics), worked as a make up artist, and was the official make up supplier and artist for Miss World Australia/Miss Asia Pacific and 2nd Runner Up Miss World 2006.

Blossom Business Ethics

A firm believer in generous and supportive business ethics, Di Kennedy has helped many businesses rejuvenate their marketing and brand strategy, through a cost effective, incremental approach. At Blossom we don't expect or want you to make a huge initial comittment to us by signing complicated and long term contracts for web services, hosting or services.

What we really want is to make you happy the first time, then again and keep making you happy and successful. Our approach to business relationships is that is is mututally beneficial and that our businesses both grow from the association with one another.

Your first step with a new design company does not have to be a massive leap into the unknown. Start with one this and gradually as you feel more comfortable with our methods and work, you can grow with us. Our strategy for client retention is simple. We want to make you happy and your business successful.

Meet Di Kennedy - Blossom's Art Director

Graphic Designer/Art Director, Cosmetic Industry Consultant, and former Make Up Artist, Di Kennedy has a background that includes a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, major in painting), Graphic Design at Enmore Design Centre (Sydeny Institute of Technology) and over 13 years as a graphic designer/art director in a variety of studios and agencies (travel, music, fashion and beauty).

As the Senior Art Director of Australia's largest skincare company, Nutrimetics (a brochure she designed won at the Australan Catalogue Awards in 2003), Di gained the knowledge and experience to branch into cosmetics and start her own boutique line of make up, Di Kennedy Cosmetics. Popularity for her products grew, and she was distributing her brand of cosmetics across Australia and Asia.

Blossom, which was the result of beauty brands tracking down Di for her expertise in branding, proved so succesful, that Di chose to wind down her own Signature cosmetic range and change the focus to help other women establish brands. The creation, evolution and development of a brand is Blossom's specialty and our goal is to provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge, support and skills.

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