Does Your Small Business need a Web Design?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Web design for small business is an essential tool to grow your business. Having a website can enhance your online presence, generate leads and make sales. This article outlines the reasons why every small business should have a website.

Web design for small business is a growing market. Many small businesses have realised the power of the web and have taken their business online. That said… Many small business still do not have a website yet and fail to see the value in creating an online presence. The web can be a powerful tool in generating leads and making sales for your business as long if you have the right website. Many web design companies specialise in small business web design and offer cheap and easy solutions to get an online presence. This can be a good solution for a lot of businesses as a cheap and easy website may be all they need. In this article ill talk about the reasons why small business should go that little bit further and pay for a quality website that can bring on new clients, make sales and ultimately take you small business to the next level.

Most small business websites have what us web designers call a brochure style, static web design. Which means the website normally functions as an online brochure and has n0 dynamic or updatable content. These types of websites are good to act as an addition to print based marketing, advertising or referrals to provide your potential client with more information. This is good as an extra to your sales pitch, but we want the website to bring the potential clients to you and generate direct sales. The website should be the first point of contact not the last in you sales pitch. The web design should prompt the visitor to the next step in your sales process whether is be to fill out an inquiry form, call a telephone number or download a discount coupon.

You can get visitors to your website by a number of avenues. One common technique is advertising the website through traditional means and giving the visitors an incentive of some sort to email or call you. This gives you an opportunity to sell your business directly to the client.

Getting your site ranking on Google and other search engines is also a very powerful way of generating leads. This in my opinion is the most successful way of getting targeted traffic to your website and converting it to business. Search engine optimisation or seo is the name given to the process of optimising a website to rank high on the search engines. This is usually a timely and can be a costly exercise but its a matter of weighing up the cost verses the business you will gain. Using a web designer that builds search engine friendly websites is essential if you want your small business website to rank on the search engines. You might have to pay that bit extra but in the long run it will pay off.

So overall I would say it is essential your small business has a website and uses it to gain direct referrals and business. You should way up the options between a cheap, static web design or spending that little bit extra and getting a valuable online presence that earns you a return on you investment. A good way to look at it is compare the cost of your product or service with the cost of developing a website and working out how many sales you would need to make to earn your money spent. Most small businesses will make their money back in one or two sales, so if you website makes two sales in the first week of going live imagine the business it will bring in over the course of a year. You would definitely make a return on you investment.

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