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Common questions about Nurseries
What is a nursery?

A nursery, or 'nurseries' in plural, typically refers to a shop which sells gardening supplies. It is sometimes referred to as a plant nursery. It may also refer to a baby's room but this is not the context we are referring to here.

How did the word 'nursery' come to be used for garden centres?

A nursery is actually a good word to describe a centre which sells plants. Nursery is a word which means to 'nurse' or 'nuture'. A plant nursery is a place where plants are nurtured, propagated and grown to a desired age. Once the plants have grown to a desired size or age, they are sold to the general public or direct to businesses.

Are all nurseries the same?

Not all nurseries are the same. There are some nurseries that specialise in certain phases of plant growth. Some nurseries may specialise in only propagation, growing out, retail sale, or may only sell one kind of plant species only. You may also find that nurseries may sell different kinds of plants depending on which area of the world they are in, and which season they are in, as this may affect which plants will thrive.

Do all nurseries sell to the general public?

Many nurseries sell to the general public, but not all nurseries will as this may not be the purpose of their business or organisation. There are some nurseries that are focused on the growth of trees for forestry or conservation biology. There are also some nurseries whose sole purpose is for research for feilds such as agriculture or climate change.

Where do I go to find more information about nurseries?

A great place to go to find information on nurseries in your local area are websites such as Local Business Guide. Word of mouth also goes a long way!

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Phone: (02) 6386 0200 | 10 East Street, Harden, NSW

Kruger Medical Centre is a locally owned and operated family health clinic in Harden, NSW having a team of qualified general practitioners at your service.

Kruger Medical Centre is a located in Harden Murrumburrah provides specialist and allied health services .Our team aim to provide health promotion and illness prevention strategies in the local community.For more information visit to our website or call today at 02 6386 0200.Centrally located in the community we provide specialist and allied health services for Harden Murrumburrah and the surrounding areas.Modern and state of the art: our facility house medical practice as well as rooms for visiting specialists and allied health providers.

Mental Health Harden Family Medicine Harden
Kruger Medical Centre

Phone: 0433 400 042 | 46 Neill Street, Harden, NSW

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Phоtоn Energy Solutions -ѕ an Australian owned company specializing in rеѕ-dеnt-аl & соmmеrс-аl ѕоlаr photovoltaic еnеrgу systems and ѕtоrаgе solutions.
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Phone: (02) 8677 0729 | 46 Neil Street, Harden, NSW

Based in Harden, Photon Energy Solutions is an leading Australian solar power company. Here at Photon Energy Solutions we are committed to provide cost-effective optimized solar systems to Australians resulting in reduced electricity bills.

Based in Harden, Photon Energy Solutions is an leading Australian solar power company. Here at Photon Energy Solutions we are committed to provide cost-effective optimized solar systems to Australians resulting in reduced electricity bills.We offer finest quality solar systems complying with Australian & highest International standards.

Our Sales & Installation team is comprised of some of the most skilled & experienced solar advocates & installers. Along with installation we also provide customer service which is second to none. Photon Energy Solutions provides easy, hassle-free financing options for those who are concerned with the budget of solar systems. For free quotes and expert advice get in touch with us online or call us on 1800 080 647

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