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Phone: (02) 6836 1111 Address: 10 Barton St, Cobar, NSW

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Common questions about Lawn Mower Shops
My lawn mower is no longer cutting grass very well, what is wrong with it?

If you mower is still running well then the blades may be blunt and in need of sharpening or replacement.

My lawn mower won't start, what should I check?

Your first check should be fuel, if you haven't used the mower a lot then the fuel may have gone off. Petrol only has a certain shelf life, especially if you have put fuel with ethanol in it which tends to hasten the speed at which it goes off.

What is a lawn mower service?

Having your lawn mower serviced involves a small engine mechanic checking that the engine is running in peak condition and making adjustments if required to ensure smooth running. It also means checking that any of the safety features are functioning and that the mower cuts grass well.

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Phone: (02) 6775 3174 | Lerida Road, Cobar, NSW

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Phone: 1300 659 693 | 29 Cornish Street, Cobar, NSW

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Phone: (02) 6836 4115 | 21 Barton Street, Cobar, NSW

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