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Connect Hearing

Phone: (02) 4748 9018 Address: Cobar Primary Medical Centre 26 Harcourt St, Cobar, NSW | Website:

Connect Hearing

Phone: (02) 4748 9016 Address: Cobar Primary Medical Centre 26 Harcourt St, Cobar, NSW | Website:

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Common questions about Audiologists
What is an audiologist?

An audiologist diagnoses hearing loss and other ear conditions. Hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids in many cases, an audiologist will identify and recommend hearing aids to treat your hearing loss.

How do I get hearing aids?

You will need to visit an audiology clinic or hearing centre where a qualified audiologist will be able to measure your hearing loss and work out if it can be corrected with hearing aids.

I have ringing in my ears, can this be helped?

This condition is known as tinnitus, depending on the type and severity there may be treatment available. This can include background noise functions within hearing aids or other therapy to help alliviate the symptoms.

What causes hearing loss?

Hearing loss can be caused by environmental factors such as prolonged exposure to high noise levels, it can be caused by medical conditions and you could also be born with hearing loss. Some people also have genetic factors that cause hearing loss over time. An audiology clinic can help work out what factors are behind your hearing loss.

How can you know if you have hearing loss?

Some signs that you may have a hearing loss incude not being able to hear what people are saying, needing to turn the TV to maximum volume to hear it, you can't hear people on the telephone. If you are concerned that you may have hearing loss it is recommended to visit an audiologist to have a hearing test performed to diagnose if you do in fact have hearing difficulties.

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