Lee-Harry Hair Space

Shop 2, 41 Brownsville Ave
Brownsville, NSW, 2530
(02) 4262 7252
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Questions related to Hairdressers in Brownsville
How frequently do you need to have your hair cut?

Most people will have a haircut every 6-8 weeks. To avoid breakage and splits it is recommended not leaving your hair uncut for too long. Ask you hairdresser for advice.

How can I become a hairdresser?

To become a qualified hairdresser you can study a Certificate III in Hairdressing at Tafe or through a private training organisation. You can then work through a traineeship or apprenticeship to get on the job experience.

I've forgotten when my hairdressing appointment is, how can I find out when it is?

Just give your hairdresser a call. They will be able to look up the time of your upcoming appointment.

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