4 Your Home

96 Nelson St
Wallsend, NSW, 2287
(02) 4023 1350
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Phone: 0473 473 799 | 36 Abel Street, Wallsend, NSW

Builder, Quantity Surveying, Consultant, Sustainability

Daniel Roberts is a qualified builder and quantity surveyor based in the Newcastle and Sydney region NSW, Australia. Daniel is an avid surfer, student of all aspects of nature and the natural world. Daniel adds a personal approach to property development and construction consulting. Daniel has experience in the UK, Middle East and East Costs Australia. He has worked on projects ranging for $50k to $1 billion AUD. An eternal student of changing the mood of an environment in order to impact the positive outcome, Daniel has a proven track record of overcoming adversity and producing exponential growth irrespective of market conditions. Daniel is working on development of property that focuses on Homeless Youth ousing, Disabled and affordable homes. Daniel is hands on in every regard and can work a solution to any project large and small. Daniel strategy is to produce unconditional alignment to project sponsors and key stakeholders. Award nominated in 2020 Daniel has emerged as a leader in the sustainable and reliable building techniques, allowing the flow of abundance into your life is ....

Daniel Roberts Consulting Newcastle

Phone: 0473 473 799 | 36 Abel Street, Wallsend, NSW

Daniel Roberts Newcastle NSW is a quantity surveyor, builder and sustainable consultant. Daniel works on projects at all stages, can identify value add services, construction techniques and methodologies for improvement. Daniel is an expert with business planning, cost management, assessment and establishment of financial controls. Daniel is award nominated, reliable and offers cost effective consulting for all sustainable hempcrete and alternative research and development projects. Contact Daniel in the Newcastle region NSW today.

Daniel Roberts Sustainable Builder

Phone: 0439 503 216 | 68 Nelson Street, Wallsend, NSW

I am an Intuitive Life Coach and I am here to support you to live the life you actually want. You know! One where you are actually happy.

It's my dream is to empower the thousands of people who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, invisible and who are struggling to find their way out.

By supporting them to release the stress and trauma of the past with ease. Empowering them to choose the life they truly want to live and bringing happiness, purpose and fulfilment to their life and to their being so that loving themselves is easy and living life is magical.

I am a highly skilled and qualified life coach with over 25 years experience in leadership and coaching. I absolutely love what I do!! Seeing the look on someone's face change as they become more of who they are. Seeing them begin living a life they thought would never be possible. It is simply amazing to be a part of.

Being able to draw on all of my modalities, qualifications and experience is nothing compared to tapping into my intuitive abilities, which brings all of this together and takes it to a whole new level. This allows me to release triggers and stuck energy from your body in minutes, leaving you free.

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Wholistic Life Transformations

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