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JOLT Fitness Camps A Unique and Life Changing Fitness System That Works ! At JOLT Fitness Camps Essendon we specialize in 12 week fitness camps designed to get amazing health and fitness results in minimum time,Fit back into your skinny jeans today!!

JOLT Fitness Camps A Unique and Life Changing
Fitness System That Works !

At JOLT Fitness Camps Essendon we specialize in 12 week fitness camps designed to get amazing health and fitness results in minimum time, without the intimidation or yelling and screaming of traditional boot camps!

Our Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Camps are the new and exciting way to BURN FAT, TONE UP, and IMPROVE FITNESS levels with new, energetic, simple, quick and FUN fitness workouts which incorporate boxing/kickboxing, circuit training, weights and cardio to get amazing and lasting results for women, regardless of your age or fitness level in a FUN and FRIENDLY non threatening environment.

JOLT Fitness Camps Essendon is not an ordinary BOOT CAMP... there is no yelling, no screaming and no intimidating trainers in camouflage gear! It's just high intensity training design to get maximum FAT LOSS results in minimum time whilst having FUN, socialising and enjoying life!

And you can try u....

Health Essendon Fitness Essendon Personal Trainer Essendon Weight Loss Essendon

Phone: (08) 9316 1553 | 2A Kearns Crescent, Applecross, WA | Web:

For the discerning woman or man, Prana is a breath of fresh air... a salon where mind, body and spirit are in harmony to produce beauty, fitness and wellness from the inside out. Ayurvedic massage, facials, waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure...

Namaste; a greeting which encapsulates our ethos to honour, respect and care for each human being. Prana Beauty promises ayurvedic care, ethical and safe practices and of course the highest professional standards, not only in our products and
treatments, but in our relationship with each person who visits our salon. You will find us a haven in a busy world, a place to rejuvenate, relax, and emerge the truly beautiful being that you are.

We offer a range of blissful massages, male and female waxing... (for the ladies, Brazilians too),
eyebrow tinting and perming, eyelash extensions, spray tans,
world-class microdermabrasion, the monitored seclusion of our FAR infrared therapy sauna, manicures and pedicures, facials for men and women as well as corrective facials for teenagers suffering from acne and other skin conditions. Our peels leave your skin glowing and smoother than you can ever remember. And we proudly offer superior threading - a technique that is an art form in the right hands.

If you are feeling lethargic, stressed, ove....

Waxing Applecross Facials Applecross Threading Applecross Eyelash Extensions Applecross
prana beauty

Phone: 1300 161 728 | PO Box 2209, Keperra, QLD | Web:

Fastlane Pools provide all the benefits of outdoor swimming pools in a fraction of the space. Swim whenever you like, on your schedule, at your speed. No more travelling to the local leisure centre. Just your own compact swimming pool, at home.

Swim Keperra Swimming Pool Keperra

Phone: 0403 822 512 | Po box 576, Crows Nest, NSW | Web:

Symmetry Fitness offers personal training services. Symmetry fitness helps you become who you want to be. Symmetry Fitness promises results for your health and fitness

About us

Symmetry Fitness Health and Wellbeing is the new venture of Andrew Fisher's.

Andrew is one of the most experienced trainers in Sydney, having spent more than a decade working as a personal trainer and business owner.

For five years Andrew was the co-owner of Harbourside Health and Fitness, running two personal training studios on Sydney's lower north shore. The business attracted a range of clients, from 20 to 75 year olds and ran programs including personal training, boxing and group exercise classes and corporate training sessions. In 2009 Fitness Australia named Harbourside as Personal Training Business of the year (NSW). It was also a finalist in the awards for national Personal Training business of the year, also awarded by Fitness Australia.
Andrew has had specialist training which qualifies him to work with specific groups including older adults, children and pre- and post-natal women.

Andrew's experience also includes:

Graduate Diploma in Sports Management and Marketing, UTS Personal Trainer Crows Nest Weight Loss Crows Nest Nutrition Crows Nest Fitness Training Crows Nest

Symmetry Fitness

Phone: (08) 9307 9998 | 4/6 Blackwattle Parade, Padbury, WA | Web:

Sculpture Personal Training was established due to what we saw as a "gap in the market" - where fitness centres were driven by profit, and training was "once size fits all" and group classes were about volume.

Personal Trainer Padbury Personal Trainers Padbury

Phone: (03) 9682 5036 | 33 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, VIC | Web:

We're a personal training studio with a team of enthusiastic and fully qualified personal trainers. Come down and we'll help you tone up, build up or bounce back from an injury. No membership or joining fees!

Fitness Albert Park Personal Trainer Albert Park Boxing Albert Park Personal Trainers Albert Park

Phone: (03) 8822 3723 | 10 / 18-20 Redland Drive, Mitcham, VIC | Web:

Our mission at No Regrets is to help clients excel and achieve the impossible. We are endless in our pursuit for a result with our clients by continually searching for better methods and knowledge to enhance our service.

Personal Training is designed to help you achieve your potential. A Personal Trainer provides you with expert advice and training in the areas of health and fitness, lifestyle and nutrition. And at No Regrets we use a comprehensive assessment and testing procedure along with the latest scientific training methods to ensure we design a specific program to help you achieve your goals. We closely follow the CHEK method ( see ) and adopt Functional Strength Training techniques to ensure you move well for daily life requirements, whether they are occupational, sports or just wanting to feel good.By having your own Personal Trainer you are fast tracked towards your goals, comfortable in the knowledge that you're taken care of by a qualified professional. You are kept motivated and accountable to help you stay on track to achieve your goals in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Our Personal Training Packages are available as individual one on one training for either 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.

We also cater for small groups and couples ....

Training Mitcham Sports Mitcham Health Mitcham Fitness Mitcham
No Regrets Personal Training

Phone: 0413 380 905 | Mobile in the Goldfields, Kalgoorlie, WA | Web:

General health improvement Cardiovascular training Pilates - Matwork, Pregnancy, Fit Ball Boxing for Fitness Sport specific exercises Rehabilitation exercises Corporate Training

What is Goldfields Fitness personal training?
When people want results they often visit a gym or health club and hire a personal trainer. Paying membership fees, travelling to the gym, waiting for exercise equipment and other hassles are eliminated with Goldfields Fitness. Instead of going to the gym, we bring the gym to you! We help you achieve the results you want in the comfort of your own home. We work with you individually to get you into the shape you want fast!

Mobile Kalgoorlie Fitness Kalgoorlie Corporate Kalgoorlie Gyms Kalgoorlie
Goldfields Fitness

Phone: 0413 885 883 | 9 Newcastle Street, Rose Bay, NSW | Web:

Master Marko Vesse (energy master) 25 years experience in China and Australia is the Master of Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu which is an internal martial arts style. A personal training program that uses mind development and body conditioning techniques. 0413885883

The true source of power, speed and intuitive and creative fighting ability is genetically inherent in every person. It needs only to be released. When the secret of the way to its release is understood it continues to flow and develop from within, even in the absence of a teacher. The student’s inner self is revealed as the true teacher.

Natural Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu Progression:

3 months: The capacity to generate and release explosive power and force allowing you to deliver strikes and blows far beyond what would be expected of your size, appearance or strength.

6 months: The ability to tolerate impact from outside forces without pain or injury and the development of natural fighting ability without the use of set forms or choreographed movements.

9 months: The explosive release of energy results in damaging an opponent internally with self-knowledge and understanding that affects and influences every aspect of your life.

Weapons training:
Along with traditional weapons such as sword and staff, students....

Rose Bay Kung Fu

Phone: 0410 776 831 | Sydney, NSW | Web:

IdealBody4Life aims at bringing fitness to you on your terms at your own convenience. We provide mobile highly experienced and professional personal trainers, ready to help you achieve your fitness goals at your house, in the park, in the gym, or anywhere

Phone: (02) 9797 0401 | Level 1, 343 George Street, Sydney, NSW | Web:

Located in the heart of Sydney's CBD is DaiJu's Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine; a place to find rest, healing and harmony even in the midst of a busy working day!

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Located in the heart of Sydney's CBD is DaiJu's Traditional Chinese Medicine; a place to find rest, healing and harmony even in the midst of a busy working day!

DaiJu is an Australian-born and trained practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He utilises the ancient arts of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine to provide effective, holistic healing. He is also an ordained Zen Buddhist Monk who teaches Meditation to groups and individuals.

Acupuncture is a healing technique which has been used for over 2000 years. It is safe, pain-free and very powerful, yet subtle, in it's effect.

Traditional Herbal Medicine mostly utilises raw plant components to achieve balanced health. The herbs are carefully chosen to perfectly match your needs.

Zen Meditation is a non-denominational way to learn to achieve an inner balance and harmony even in the midst of daily life.

Herbal Medicine Sydney Chinese Medicine Sydney
DaiJu's Traditional Chinese Medicine

Phone: 0414 559 002 | Haberfield, NSW | Web:

Vital Lifestyle Experience are an outdoor and indoor personal training company who offer individual and group fitness options, with specialisation in weight loss, toning and general fitness. We are situated in Inner West Sydney known as Canada Bay.

Gyms Haberfield
Vital Lifestyle Experience Pty Ltd

Phone: 0402 358 127 | 2 17-19 Kuring Gai Av, Tarragindi, QLD | Web:

Drive Fitness provides a complete range of health and fitness services. Services include 1 on 1 personal training, group fitness sessions, health & fitness monitoring and nutrition services.

Gyms Tarragindi

Phone: (08) 8522 2555 | 3 Whitelaw Tce, Gawler, SA | Web:

Fitness Centre catering to both sexes and all ages. A variety of group fitness classes, personal training, sports training, gym, spin, vibration training, circuit, weightloss, Sandra Cabot Quickloss Centre, solarium, sauna, and more...

So Fit Gawler

Phone: 1300 722 944 | 3 Spring Street, Sydney, NSW | Web:

With an innovative and inspiring team of personal trainers, Fitness Crew has finally found the solution.

We don't believe in sweaty gyms, boot camps or reality television weight loss programs. What sets us apart from our competitors, is the fact that we deliver more than just results.

We specialise in providing not only successful personal training, but ensuring that every facet of your physical and emotional health is nurtured. More than just a one-to-one training system, Fitness Crew has an entire overhaul network with professional life coaches, motivators, nutritionists, dieticians, body composition consultants, doctors and professors at hand to ensure you accomplish what it is you set out to achieve.

Fitness Crew is a mobile team of highly qualified and professional personal trainers who come to you. Whether you are interested in fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, training for a specific event or just keeping fit and having fun, our Crew can deliver the results you want with a personalised program to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

Fitness Crew is also leading the way with innovative and insightful approaches to ensuring your su....

Fitness Crew

Phone: (07) 5554 5440 | 2241 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach, QLD | Web:

We invite you to share the wonderful benefits of yoga & meditation the secret to leading a healthy balanced life. Discover the spiritual essence of yoga & bring a greater sense of sacredness into daily life. Meditation, yoga, relaxation, healthy lifestyle

Gyms Mermaid Beach
Australian School of Meditation and Yoga

Phone: 0400 244 329 | South Melbourne, VIC | Web:

Big Day Health Consultancy are the bridal weight loss specialists. Our highly qualified and experienced health professionals deliver group exercise, personal training, home exercise plans, diet plans and massage therapy. FREE trials for exercise sessions

Big Day Health Consultancy are the experts when it comes to YOUR big day. Whether it may be:
-your wedding
-a trip overseas
-fitting in to your new bikini/dress/suit
-finishing a fun run or triathlon
-winning the grand final,
or whatever your goal may be, we will help make this dream come true for you.

At Big Day Health Consultancy our highly qualified & experienced health professionals deliver exercise & diet plans to help you achieve your goals. We have developed scientific, functional exercise programs and give sensible, healthy nutritional advice.

We offer group exercise training in Essendon, Mount Waverley, and Box Hill North. Trial our sessions for FREE!

We also offer personal training throughout most of metropolitan Melbourne. As part of a personal training package you’ll receive:
- Proper instruction and guidance of exercises to ensure your technique is correct, thereby minimising the chance of injury.
- Individualised, progressive program tailored to your level. B....

Wedding South Melbourne Massage South Melbourne
Big Day Health Consultancy

Phone: (08) 9201 0567 | Unit 7A, 44 Hutton Street, Osborne Park, WA | Web:

Altitude training Centre & Fitness Consultancy Service. Altitude training is not just for elite athletes. It can help you achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals. Training at altitude assists in weight loss, increasing aerobic fitness, increas

Gyms Osborne Park

Phone: 0414 498 152 | Melbourne, VIC | Web:

Pass the Victoria Police agility test with specialized preparatory training from the leading expert in police applicant fitness training. With a success rate of 99.5% for his more than 130 clients you can't afford not to find out more!

Prime Motion Fitness - Pass the Victoria Police agility test

Phone: 0419 001 639 | 140 Creek Street, Brisbane, QLD | Web:

EH&F is a results driven Personal Training Studio focusing on you and what you want to achieve in your health and fitness goals EH&F run Corporate Seminars discussing the direct link between lifestyles and workplace performance for management teams.

Exclusive Health & Fitness

Phone: 0414 559 913 | north steyne, Manly, NSW | Web:

Promoting health and fitness, and providing personal training to the Mosman area, Manly and Sydney's Northern beaches. your trainer will help you reach you goals using outdoor training methods. Boxing, circuits, weights, running training

Mostly Fitness

Phone: 1300 887 040 | P0 B0X 19078, Southbank, VIC | Web: is Australia's leading fitness search engine and offers site visitors unrivalled access to information about local fitness businesses as well as up to date health & fitness articles via the LocalFitness blog.

Gyms Southbank

Phone: 0410 622 207 | Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, NSW

Outdoor personal training Sydney, boxing, boot camp, group fitness, Sydney CB , Nroth Sydney & lower North Shore, personal fitness trainers, outdoor group exercise, corporate fitness squads, musm & bubs fitness, bootcamp fitness Sydney CBD, AS SEEN IN SMH

Sydney City Fitness outdoor personal training

Phone: 0401 245 456 | 4 Janet Street, Drummoyne, NSW | Web:

We are a Personal training Business specializing in high quality service based on 25 years experience. We can help you with fat loss, muscle gain, general aches and pains, as well as high performance movement. Our programs are based on building efficien

We are a Personal training Business specializing in high quality service based on 25 years experience.
We can help you with fat loss, muscle gain, general aches and pains, as well as high performance movement.
Our programs are based on building efficient athleticism and structure to support correct movement.
We can help any body of any age to achieve a superior level of health and wellness.

NPM Fitness - Personal Training Sydney

Phone: 0400 481 221 | Dickson, ACT | Web:

Vigour Personal Training aims to help you develop a healthier lifestyle. Showing you how to exercise safely and effectively and by improving your understanding of exercise and nutrition.

Vigour Personal Training

Phone: 1300 632 000 | Doncaster East, VIC | Web:

Soccer Smartz most popular program, personalized soccer training is the best way to improve your game and hone your skills. Individual coaching means exactly that - Soccer Smartz will be your personal soccer coach, working with you to develop.

Soccer Smartz most popular program, personalized soccer training is the best way to improve your game and hone your skills. Individual coaching means exactly that - Soccer Smartz will be your personal soccer coach, working with you to develop your unique set of assets as a soccer player. Soccer Smartz can help you develop an effective soccer training program, designed specifically for your skill level, position and goals. With over 20 years of experience, Soccer Smartz knows a thing or two about soccer.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn lessons in a safe and fun-filled environment whilst improving your fitness. Whether you're a forward, midfielder or defender, Soccer Smartz can help you climb to the top of your league with individual soccer training and personalized game plan.
Looking for a great place to have your child’s birthday party.
We provide all the equipment, games, coach and fun.
The birthday boy or girl will also be awarded a fantastic
Soccer Smartz shirt and a brand new soc....

Kids Parties Doncaster East Childrens Party Doncaster East
Soccer Smartz

Phone: 0449 159 602 | South Morang, VIC

Trim 'n' Toned offers mobile personal training which can be done in the privacy of your own home or at a nearby park or reserve. Individual and group sessions are available.

Phone: 0410 167 046 | Rose Bay, NSW | Web:

Quality soccer coaching for boys and girls ages 2-12 years. Headed by former UK professional soccer player with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry.

Goal Sport and Fitness Soccer Academy

Phone: (03) 5974 1011 | Level 1, Suite 5, 34-38 Lochiel Ave, Mount Martha, VIC | Web:

Take a deep breath and relax...Isn't it great to know that your total health and wellbeing can be looked after for you in one convenient location? Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition offers a range of services to get you looking and feeling great!

Take a deep breath and relax…….Isn’t it great to know that your total health and wellbeing can be looked after for you in one convenient location?

Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition offers a range of services to get you looking and feeling fit and fantastic from the inside and out. Our variety of consultants can assist you to achieve your ultimate health and fitness goals through strategic nutrition and exercise prescription as well as muscular manipulation and group fitness programs.

At Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition, our motto is “To Believe is to Succeed”. Therefore, we’ll keep you motivated whilst ensuring you are following the correct path to your ultimate health and fitness goals whether that be weight loss or weight gain, toning, sculpting, relaxation, flexibility, increasing fitness, optimal health and longevity.

Our highly qualified practitioners provide a range of services including; Dietetics, Exercise Physiology, Myotherapy, Personal Training, Pilates, Boxing, Circuit Classes, Group Fitness, Children’s fitness a....

Massage Mount Martha
Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition

Phone: 1300 782 702 | Brisbane, Lutwyche, QLD | Web:

OWF Group Training - Our mission is to provide an amazing outdoor group personal training experience to our members that will have them feeling a sense of achievement and great satisfaction each and every time they train with us.

Our mission is to provide an amazing outdoor group personal training experience to our members that will have them feeling a sense of achievement and great satisfaction each and every time they train with us. We guarantee that every session is fun, motivating and above all, geared towards successfully accomplishing our members' health & fitness goals, dreams & desires.

Group Personal Training Lutwyche Group Training Lutwyche Outdoor Group Personal Training Lutwyche Outdoor Group Training Lutwyche
One World Fitness

Phone: 0418 444 690 | Box 825, Mittagong, NSW

Fitness Workz provides one on one and small group personal training in the Southern Highlands. Our difference is that we care about you and your results.

Phone: (03) 9806 0566 | 501 High Street Road, Mount Waverley, VIC | Web:

Forever Strong Fitness offers personal training at affordable prices. We specialise in Mature & Senior Adult strength and fitness training, Fat Loss - the healthy & fun way and increasing physical and mental energy levels. Free trial available!

Phone: (08) 8391 3377 | 6A/20 Druids Avenue, Mount Barker, SA | Web:

Our dynamic team of physios believe in long term sustainable results - we have a unique "Results 4 Life" program that will not only get you better, but keep you better. What's more, we offer a FREE intial consultation for all new clients.

Massage Mount Barker Aged Care Mount Barker
Back In Motion Physiotherapy

Phone: 0448 881 488 | 302/8 Glen Street, Milsons Point, NSW

Exercise testing & prescription for ages 14 to 74 years. Specializing in injury management, rehab, preparing for sporting events, weight loss & nutrition. A qualified physiotherapist, exercise physiologist ( 4 yrs) and clinical pilates instructor.

Physiotherapists Milsons Point

Phone: (03) 9689 8240 | 149 Hyde st, Yarraville, VIC | Web:

We offer fantastic, fun and motivating training with your own personal trainer. We cater to all fitness levels and ages, We are located at the Yarraville gardens & Wembley primary school. Check out our website

Step into Life Yarraville

Phone: (02) 9882 1704 | PO Box 417, Chatswood, NSW | Web:

Premium, flexible, results based group outdoor exercise & fitness training for women.

Premium, flexible, results based group outdoor exercise & fitness training for women.
Kapow - Womens outdoor fitness club is Australia's newest and most dynamic young fitness company. Established in October 2008, Kapow's mission was to bring to market the most premium, flexible and results based outdoor exercise & fitness training available to women anywhere.

6 week membership - 7 classes per week - only $200!

Trial memberships now available.

Classes running in: Manly, Balmoral, Cammeray & St Leonards.

Coming Soon: Freshwater & Dee Why.

Go to or call (02) 9882 1704 for more information.

Gyms Chatswood
Club Kapow - outdoor fitness club for women

Phone: 0406 013 201 | 124 Livingstone Road, Petersham, NSW | Web:

Personal training, one on one, boot camp, weight loss, flexibility, core strengh, group training, boxing , fitness programes, i make very seesion count and make sure you see and feel results I come to your work or home First session free ph 0406013201

Gyms Petersham
MR T's Personal Training

Phone: 0425 885 073 | 40 Junction Road, Summer Hill, NSW | Web:

Indoor and Mobile Personal Training for young and old and in between. Weight Loss, get strong, get fit and have fun. Indoor Outdoor Online - Why wait? Start today.

Phone: 0419 324 921 | 376 Dorans Rd, Clifton Beach, TAS | Web:

With a focus on safety, personal development and good times COASTRIDER Surf Academy will teach you the skills to ride a wave and become a better surfer. Endorsed by Academy of Surfing Instructors, COASTRIDER provides surfers with a positive surfing experi


Phone: 0402 644 446 | 401 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo, QLD | Web:

Session30 is a Lifestyle & fitness Studio - providing a fun, private training for people who want to make a positive impact to their lives. Session30 provides 1 on 1 training in the studio or park, small groups-Session30 also provides fitness training.

Session30 is a results driven one to one personal fitness training session, aimed to help you achieve your goals, to make a positive impact to your life and provide an environment that ensures maximum comfort.

If you really want to make a positive change to your busy lifestyle, dont wait to get caught up in all those hidden fees & membership costs, enjoy the privacy of a studio with a friendly and personal touch - to get started then you should contact Session30 and we can arrange for a FREE consultation & Fitness session. Take up the challenge today...

Session30 Lifestyle & Fitness Studio

Phone: (03) 9690 8068 | 394 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, VIC | Web:

Personal training studio offering the latest techniques to help you reach your fitness goal, offering personal training, pilates and pole dancing

Phone: 0409 468 463 | 3 Whimbrel Court, Caboolture, QLD

Personal Training - Home Studio

Phone: (02) 6622 5553 | 13 Esmonde Street, East Lismore, NSW | Web:

Somatic House provides Innovative physical rehabilitation programs Personal training " specialising in developing strength, balance and mobility Clinical massage and assisted movement sessions Movement therapy (somatic education) Stress

Aged Care East Lismore Osteopathy East Lismore
Somatic House

Phone: 0419 403 915 | Greenway Drive, West Hoxton, NSW | Web:

We are a personal training business specailizing in outdoor training. Wether your goal is to lose weight, gain more energy,tone up, or bulk up,- we can make the difference to your life. WE also speocalize in boxing, sports conditioning & community groups

Weight Loss West Hoxton Results West Hoxton Toning West Hoxton Goal Setting West Hoxton

Phone: 0418 438 723 | 7/49 Frenchs Forest Rd, Frenchs Forest, NSW | Web:

Forest Yoga & Pilates is a fully equipped boutique studio that offers over 30 classes per week. We specialise in small classes with individual attention, for all ages and levels of fitness. Ideal for beginners.

Kids Yoga Frenchs Forest Reformer Classes Frenchs Forest

Phone: 0401 972 154 | Rosebery, NSW

Soccer coaching for all.. come down and enjoy experiencing and learning the world game.

Phone: 0431 270 676 | Brisbane, Carseldine, QLD | Web:

Holt Corporate Health Brisbane's most popular Mobile Fitness Trainers Train at home, at work or at the park We bring the Equipment Receive one-on-one training advice Combine training with dietary advice, supplements and meals

Mobile Carseldine Health Carseldine Personal Trainer Carseldine Weightloss Carseldine
Holt Corporate Health

Phone: 0433 171 979 | Discovery Drive, Mango Hill, QLD | Web:

Breaking Point Fitness is an outdoor company that specialises in personal training, boot camps, and kickboxing for fitness. Our programs cater for men and women of all fitness levels. You will have fun, be challenged, and be rewarded with great results!

Breaking Point Fitness Camp and Personal Training

Phone: (03) 9822 1619 | 21 Cato St, Hawthorn East, VIC | Web:

EFM provide tailored fitness programs. EFM members have a Fitness Coach on hand every session to provide encouragement and support. EFM offer Monthly Memberships for peace of mind that you will receive a focused fitness program for ongoing satisfaction.

EFM Health Clubs provide excellence in affordable, tailored fitness programs. Our proven formula for success is sweeping across Australia with over 50 convenient locations. As a valued EFM Health Clubs member, you have a qualified Fitness Coach on hand every session to provide encouragement and support. Unlike most 'lock-in' gym contracts, EFM Health Clubs offer Flexible Monthly Memberships for peace of mind that you will receive a tailored, results focused fitness program for ongoing satisfaction.

Your convenient workouts can be personalised in as little as 20 minutes, and you are not restricted by circuit-style structures or pre-bookings. The great thing about EFM membership is that your membership entitles you to unlimited access to all sessions and Fitness Coaching, any you can attend when you want and for as long as you like.

What does it all mean for you? Well it means your fitness program is affordable, convenient, results focused, flexible and designed just for you. So you've found the best place to achieve the results and outcomes that you want.....

Fitness Hawthorn East Gym Hawthorn East Personal Training Hawthorn East Health Club Hawthorn East Weight Loss Hawthorn East

Phone: (07) 3865 6446 | 24 Lyndhurst Road, Boondall, QLD

Personal Trainer specialising in Body Shaping. Free Consultation Dietary assistance is also included if you want help with that! All the help you need to get into shape and the education to keep it off!! Please NO TIME WASTERS/QUITTERS. Private Studio

Personal Trainer - Bodyshaping Specialist.

Nitrofit Personal Training

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Wellness Coaching included with Personal Training at no extra charge

Wellness Coaching now available. Most people go to a trainer to get help with getting into shape, and the trainer will give advice. Yet most people already know what to do!! They just need to be coached into making the right choices!! Is that you?

PersonalTraining Packages

Train for Success without the Stress.
Our Personal Trainers are fully qualified, registered and experienced health and fitness professionals who are entirely dedicated to helping you reach your goals and potential

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