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Lavenderia NappyCare is Australia's first eco-friendly, carbon offset, low footprint modern cloth nappy laundry and delivery service for busy Mums who WANT to keep their child safe from toxins found in disposables but don't have time to wash nappies.

Lavenderia NappyCare is Australia's first eco-friendly, carbon offset, low footprint modern cloth nappy laundry and delivery service for busy Mums who want to do their bit for Mother Nature but just donít have the time...!

** We provide you with your OWN set of modern cloth nappies for your own exclusive use without ANY upfront costs!
** We wash, dry & fold them for you, twice a week
** We deliver them to your door - you'll never run out of nappies again
** We use only environmentally friendly products and methods to keep nappies clean & bacteria free without harsh bleaching agents & dangerous chemicals.
** We buy & plant a tree for EVERY new customer to offset carbon emissions for cleaning your nappies, which lowers your foot print even further.

Come check us out at and try out the service for a week - FREE! No strings, no contracts, no joining fees.

Make the switch today and Be a Mother FOR Nature!

Childrens Clothing Glendenning Nappy Glendenning

Phone: (02) 8004 7454 | 51 Peartree Cct, West Pennant Hills, NSW

eBubs provides modern cloth nappies, rainbow coloured nappy packages and swim nappies at great prices Australia wide.

Skin Care West Pennant Hills Cloth Nappies West Pennant Hills Modern Cloth Nappies West Pennant Hills Nappies West Pennant Hills

Phone: 0432 062 633 | 6 Hall Road, Hornsby, NSW

We specialise in silky soft bamboo nappies, a beautiful eco-friendly choice for your little one.

Bamboo Hornsby Modern Cloth Nappies Hornsby Nappies Hornsby Cloth Nappy Hornsby

Phone: 0402 101 236 | PO Box 805, Helensvale, QLD

Join the cloth nappy revolution - one of Australia's fastest growing trends! Simple and effective to use, Cushie Tushies modern cloth nappies bring 'fashion' and 'nappies' together with some funky designs that are too cute to cover up!

Cloth Nappies Helensvale Nappies Helensvale Nappy Helensvale Cloth Nappy Helensvale

Phone: (02) 6786 5293 | Po Box 12, Ballina, NSW

Gorgeous Clothes and Accessories Handmade for the Most Beautiful Child in the World....Yours!!!!

Clothes Ballina Baby Ballina Girl Ballina Boy Ballina

Phone: 0414 782 501 | po box 362, Deception Bay, QLD

Affordable Modern Cloth Nappies. - All - in - one, size fits 4-15kgs - Waterproof lined with PUL - Soft furry/minky designs - Lined with soft stay-dry fleece - Fitted to like a disposable - strong snaps to keep in place - 3 layered microfiber

Cloth Nappies Deception Bay Modern Cloth Nappies Deception Bay Nappies Deception Bay Nappy Deception Bay

Phone: 0431 431 473 | Yokine, WA

Green Kids modern cloth nappies are so easy to use, no pins, soaking or folding! Just place an absorbent insert inside the nappy, and it's ready to use, as easy as a disposable! Huge range of colours and designer prints available.


*Easy to care for - no bleaching or soaking!
*Easy to use - no pins, folding or separate covers!
*Trim fitting and stylish, in gorgeous colours & prints!
*One size fits most from birth to toilet training!
*Stay dry layer keeps baby dry and comfy!
*Suitable for day & night use - super absorbent!
*Gentle on your baby, the environment & your bank account!
*Made in Australia from premium quality materials, so you know they're good!
*Shop online 24/7 - we ship Australia wide!
*Free shipping for orders over $99!

Bamboo Yokine Cloth Nappies Yokine Modern Cloth Nappies Yokine Nappies Yokine

Phone: 0404 854 294 | Online Business, Brisbane, QLD

The Nappy Bucket supply all types of modern cloth nappies Australia such as swim nappies, reusable nappies, bamboo nappies, nappy covers and more

Childrens Clothing Brisbane Cloth Nappies Brisbane Bamboo Nappies Brisbane Modern Cloth Nappies Brisbane Cloth Nappy Brisbane

Phone: 0468 792 439 | Po Box 1370, Bairnsdale, VIC

We are a small family run business specialising in a Modern Cloth Nappy library and sales. We have a large range of baby products for purchase from baby shampoo, nappy rash creams to wet bags and bunny rugs. We also provide customised embroidery.

Baby Gifts Bairnsdale Embroidery Bairnsdale Modern Cloth Nappies Bairnsdale Baby Products Bairnsdale

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